ES2002 - Business Communication for Leaders (BBA)


This module aims to equip students with the business communication skills they need to be recognized as leaders among stakeholders – colleagues, superiors, and customers/clients. Working within a dynamic and connected 21st century simulated workplace, students as “executives” will learn critical skill-sets in influential leadership communication in formal and informal business settings: pitching; teamwork, meeting and negotiation; relationship, goodwill and trust-building; and thinking on their feet. The module will emphasise core principles of audience-centred, objective-driven, and context-sensitive communication; intentional, reflective and mindful communication; oral communication fundamentals of verbal, vocal, visual and aural skills; and the 7 C’s of effective business communication.

This module is taught over 1 semester with a three-hour sectional teaching per week.


By the end of the module, students should be able to:

  • craft and deliver clear, strategic, and persuasive messages that are pitched appropriately for different audiences and business contexts,
  • engage others in various interpersonal settings by listening empathetically, and processing key information and nuances critically,
  • develop a confident and credible professional presence as future leaders through verbal and non-verbal communication strategies, and
  • chart their growth through peer feedback and self-reflections.


ES2002 is a 100% Continuous Assessment module.


Students who are required to read ES1000 Foundation Academic English must pass it before taking ES2002.


MNO2706, IS2101, ES2007D, ES1601, UWC2101%

Modular Credits