ES1103 - English for Academic Purposes


ES1103 serves as a bridging course for students who have taken the university's Qualifying English Test and are deemed to require additional language support for the academic context. It aims to equip students with the knowledge of the academic genre and the ability to apply such knowledge in academic communication. The module adopts a reading-into-writing approach using themed readings as springboard texts for students' writing and provides opportunities for analysing and internalising ways of organising academic texts. Students will acquire essential academic skills required to cope with the rigour of academic writing at a tertiary level.

This module is taught over 1 semester with 2 two-hour sectional teachings per week.

ES1103 is excluded from the limit on Level-1000 modules.


By the end of the module, students should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the nature and features of academic texts;

  2. Apply critical reading of academic texts;

  3. Select and integrate relevant information from academic texts into their writing;

  4. Write a range of academic genres—problem-solution essay, critical response and critical reflection;

  5. Apply academic integrity in writing through the appropriate use of citation conventions.


  • Continuous Assessment 100%


Students should have sat for the Qualifying English Test and obtained a 'Band 2' result or, if they obtained a 'Band 1' result, they must pass ES1000, Foundation Academic English, before registering for ES1103.



Modular Credits