ENV2302 - Communications for Environmental Studies


This module is designed for undergraduate students pursuing the Bachelor of Environmental Studies degree with the aim of helping them to develop critical thinking, reading, writing and speaking skills relevant for communication with academia and with the public. The curriculum deals with three main interrelated areas:

  • Communication with the public - raising public awareness of environmental issues through science-based advocacy
  • Communication with academia - developing skills in academic writing
  • Argumentation within environmental studies - examining environmental issues using the Precautionary Principle.

This module is taught over 1 semester via a blended approach with a three-hour sectional session per week.


By the end of the module students should have developed skills in:

  • appropriate use of oral and written communication for the academic and the lay audience;
  • logical and cohesive organisation of academic texts;
  • use of language features that characterise the objective academic style;
  • expression of stance and modality in arguments and the  coherent development of sound arguments; and
  • use of features that characterise effective oral and visual communication.


  • Continuous Assessment 100%


If students are required to take ES1000, Basic English, and/or ES1102/ES1103, English for Academic Purposes, they must complete those modules before taking this course.



Modular Credits