Teaching Assistants Programme (TAP)

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About TAP

As part of the University's commitment to excellence in teaching, CDTL conducts a formal training programme for Teaching Assistants (TAs). The Teaching Assistants' Programme (TAP) aims to enhance TAs' knowledge and skills in facilitating collaborative learning in the classrooms. In particular, these hands-on sessions focus on planning and designing peer-to-peer learning that engages students to participate actively during labs/tutorials to improve their learning. We also aim to develop in our participants a growth mindset that builds on incremental theories of one’s intelligence.

Roles and Responsibilities of Teaching Assistants

1.1  Teaching Assistants (TAs) play an integral role in supporting lecturers to 

  • provide and coordinate effective classroom instruction
  • contribute to a positive learning experience for students. 


1.2  The module coordinator/lecturer will 

  • assign responsibilities to TAs
  • determine the frequency of meeting with TAs to discuss the module
  • prescribe the level of authority and flexibility that TAs will have when discharging their responsibilities.  


1.3  Teaching Assistants at NUS assist teachers/lecturers in the following ways:

  • Assist in content creation, preparation of educational resources and course materials
  • Assist in setting up tutorial and assessment questions
  • Plan, prepare and deliver tutorials and lab sessions, using student-centred methods and educational technology appropriate to the module.
  • Hold online/in-person consultation hours.
  • Conduct tutorials/lab sessions – in person, on campus or via web conferencing platforms including Zoom
  • Monitor asynchronous interactions 
  • Respond to student posts on discussion forums
  • Facilitate discussions 
  • Monitor student progress and engagement levels, and flag out students who are in need of additional support. This may include providing support to students who are not able to come to classes due to pandemic-prevention precautionary measures for students who are returning from overseas, or reaching out to students who are absent or missing assignments.
  • Participate in regular meetings with the lecturer/module coordinators and other TAs (where applicable). This include sharing how students are understanding instructions, accessing materials, and remaining engaged during class.
  • Mark and grade course assignments and exam scripts, and provide feedback.
  • Assist in examination matters (e.g., invigilation duties at an exam-venue and online live proctoring). 


These will relate to specific duties with regards to online and blended learning 

  • Handle some logistical elements of online lectures or hybrid teaching 
  • Use LumiNUS or other learning management system that the module is using competently.
  • Monitor Zoom or Teams chats and respond to student questions and comments
  • Notify the lecturer when students indicate they have a question with a virtual raised hand.  Where a class is delivered online and in-person simultaneously, both lecturer and TA will be in the same classroom, with the latter monitoring the Zoom/Team chats.
  • Manage breakout rooms and polls
  • Help with technical issues that arise during class


Course Leader
  • SEOW Teck Keong, Deputy Director, CDTL

For further information about the TAP, please contact:

MA Lin Lin
TA Programme Coordinator
e-mail: cdtmall@nus.edu.sg