Teaching Enhancement Grants (TEG)

About TEG

The Teaching Enhancement Grants (TEG) promote professional development through grants to support Learning Improvement Projects and Learning Communities. These grants are intended to encourage a reflective approach to university teaching and student learning. There is an expectation that the recipients of these awards will share publicly what they have learnt in appropriate ways so as to improve institutional practice.

Application for FY 2023 TEG Learning Improvement Projects is CLOSED.

Application for FY 2022 TEG Learning Community Projects is CLOSED. 

For further information about TEG, please contact:

SOO Yuen Jien
Director, CDTL
e-mail: cdthead@nus.edu.sg
(for TEG Learning Improvement

LEE Li Neng
Associate Director, CDTL
e-mail: psylln@nus.edu.sg
(for TEG Learning Communities)
Pansy KOK
Senior Manager
e-mail: cdtkmhp@nus.edu.sg

Doreen THIA
TEG Programme Coordinator
e-mail: cdttyy@nus.edu.sg