Blended Learning Course for Academic Teachers (Basic)

About the Course 

"Great teachers will not be replaced by technology; however, technology in the hands of great teachers can bring about transformative changes in education." - George Couros 

This comprehensive, self-paced online course is designed to empower academic teachers with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively design blended learning experiences for their students. Beginning with the foundational concepts of constructive alignment and community of inquiry, participants will explore a diverse range of active learning strategies and blended learning technologies. 

The course aims to achieve the following intended learning outcomes:
1. describe basic concepts about blended learning,
2. design lessons/modules in a blended learning environment,
3. apply appropriate instructional strategies associated with active learning in blended learning contexts, and
4. identify appropriate technological affordances and tools for teaching and learning in a blended learning environment. 

Central to the course is the practical application of knowledge through the creation of a blended learning lesson plan as participants progress through the different course components. The course also emphasizes social presence, promoting learning as a community and encouraging the exchange of ideas. Participants should expect to dedicate approximately 8 to 12 hours to completing the course. This course is ideal for educators who are looking to implement or enhance their blended learning practices and is especially beneficial for faculty embarking on a BL 2.0 project. 

This fully online self-paced course is offered every semester.  

For further information about the course, please contact: 

Dr Verily TAN
Course Leader
Senior Education Specialist, CDTL

Ms MA Lin Lin
Course Coordinator