Asian Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Special Issue: Volume 13, No. 1 (April/May 2023)

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Plitvice Falls (Photo by Deon Lim, 2020)


Special Issue:
Augmenting the Virtual Environment: Technology – Innovation – Humanity

Eva Y. W. WONG and Theresa KWONG

Special Issue: Editorial Team

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Establishing Communal Constructivism as an Appropriate Pedagogy for Virtual Reality (VR) Technology
William CHOY, Andrew K. H. TAN, Wing Yong FOO, and Kiah Ngian CHIA

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Augmenting the Exposure of Extended Reality (XR) Technologies for Architectural Graduate and Undergraduate Students in Hong Kong: On Teaching Initiatives for Virtual-, Augmented- and Mixed Reality (VR/AR/MR)
Garvin GOEPEL, Jimmy Tsz Wai HO, and Adam FINGRUT

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Resiliency of the Architects in the Academe: A Qualitative Focus on the Virtual Architectural Design Studio in the Philippines
John Clemence PINLAC, Noel CRUZ, and Caryn PAREDES-SANTILLAN

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Virtual Reality Enhanced Education for Chemical Engineering Undergraduates
YAP Swee Kun, Sachin V. JANGAM, Cindy LEE Lai Yeng,Suraj VASUDEVAN, and Saurabh BHANDARI

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Reminiscence Therapy in Virtual Reality: A Virtual Reality Application with Local Content to Help Mild Dementia
Peter H. F. NG, Andy S. K. CHENG, Ken S. K. TAI, Kristy T. C. FUNG, Hugo H. F. TO, Ivan W. D. CHAN, Iris O. W. YAN, and Savannah H. Y. LO

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Engaging Communication and Marketing Students Engaged in Virtual Collaborative Blended Learning with the Assistance of Technology
Kara CHAN and Izian IDRIS

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Exploring the Relationship Between Online Lesson Design and Delivery Strategies, and Student Perceived Learning and Engagement in Polytechnics: A Mixed Methods Study
TAN Yew Kong, Grace PHEANG, Ganthi VISWANATHAN, CHIA Choon Yee, Paul NG, and Sharina NURIN

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Undergraduates’ Perspectives Regarding Interdisciplinary Learning Through Systems Thinking and Computer-based System Dynamics Modelling
Bellam Sreenivasulu

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