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Growth Initiative

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The COVID-19 pandemic presents an unprecendented challenge to the world and to Singapore. The NUS class of 2020 will face considerable uncertainties in entering the job market.

To meet this challenge, NUS is launching the Resilience and Growth Initiative. Under this initiative, we will give a leg-up to eligible NUS graduates by opening up to 200 full-time jobs positions across our faculties and research institutes as well as in administration. Furthermore, there will also be opportunities for complimentary certification courses for successful applicants.

NUS is offering a diverse range of full-time job opportunities


& Professional

Be involved in various administrative and communication functions within NUS administration and/or Schools and Faculties.

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Assist Faculty in performing teaching or teaching-related duties, such as developing teaching materials, teaching tutorial classes, and supervising lab works.

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You will get to work alongside other NUS researchers and scientists in research projects. Industry-oriented projects will be prioritised.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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