Canvas Soft Launch for Special Term I
May 9, 2022
Canvas had a soft launch for AY2021/2022 Special Term on 9 May 2022.
If you have questions about the status of your site, please email us at:


Availability of Canvas Course Sites for Special Terms I and II
Apr 20, 2022
If you are teaching a module during AY2021/2022 Special Terms I and II, your Canvas site is now ready. If you do not see the course site on your Canvas dashboard (, please contact us at:


Faculty Field Guide to Canvas at NUS

Apr 18, 2022

The Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning has created a NUS-specific guide to Canvas for faculty, staff, teaching assistants and administrators. It will give a quick and broad overview of Canvas' features and tools.

Canvas Course Sites for Special Terms I and II
Mar 17, 2022
We are in the process of building course sites for AY2021/2022 Special Terms I and II. Faculty members scheduled to teach in the special term will invited to be part of the pilot phase in migrating their course(s) to Canvas. You'll receive a notification from the Canvas Migration Team, when your course site is ready.
If you have questions about the status of your site, please email us at:


Launch of Canvas website
March 14, 2022
The Canvas LMS portal is being setup and the site, will be launched in April 2022.


Appointment of CDTL to take on Canvas change management role
January 17, 2022
CDTL was appointed to take the change management role in the Canvas Project and support project management. CDTL will support faculty members to migrate their courses from LumiNUS to Canvas, with support from CIT and NUSIT in providing technical and project management expertise .


Appointment of Project Teams for Canvas Implementation Project
January 2022
The decision to adopt Instructure Canvas as a replacement for LumiNUS as the Learning Management System for NUS was approved, and the contract was to awarded to Instructure Canvas in December 2021.
The project steering committee was formed with members from PVO, NUSIT, CIT, CDTL, and ODI. The project management team was appointed that consists of Functional and Technical teams to manage aspects related to implementation, migration, and integration.