About the Transition

The key purpose of the Canvas Project is to ensure that NUS successfully transitions from LumiNUS, our current LMS to Canvas. Last year, NUSIT and CIT conducted a comprehensive review of available learning management systems and recommended the adoption of Instructure Canvas as a replacement for LumiNUS.

We believe Canvas will allow faculty and students to engage more intuitively both inside and outside the classroom, and that it will foster pedagogical innovations on campus. Moving forward, we see this change as an opportunity not only to move to a more intuitive learning management system but also to engage our NUS community in valuable conversations about the effective use of LMS to advance teaching, learning, assessment, and collaborations. We will support you on this move to Canvas, with critical support from CDTL, CIT, NUSIT and many other offices on campus.

The transition to Canvas will take place over the next two semesters, with a small group of faculty piloting during the special semester terms 1 and 2. We will take a hands-on and personalised approach to the transition and will provide a range of options to help you learn Canvas and take advantage of its tools. The goal is to provide training and support tailored to the diverse technological needs and pedagogical strategies of NUS’s teaching and learning community.

LumiNUS will continue to be used and supported throughout the transition period until all LMS teaching activities have transferred to Canvas. LumiNUS will be switched to a read-only status in January 2023 and will remain available only for content retrieval upon completion of the move to Canvas, but no new courses can be created thereafter on LumiNUS.