Issue 130 | Jul-Sep 2022

Stagflation: What It is; How to Overcome It

In a lively online session over Zoom, Mr Loo Cheng Chuan (Arts and Social Sciences ’97), Founder of the 1M65 ($1 Million By 65 Years Old) Movement, shared his thoughts on the current economic situation, his take on wise investment decisions, and other compelling points to ride out the storm and position for the next rebound.

Mr Loo speaking to the international audience from Florence, Italy. 

After a quick but in-depth overview, he was quickly inundated by questions from the 695 enthusiastic online audience members, who had logged in from 16 different countries. The questions ranged from those about prices rising against a backdrop of low economic activity, and cushioning the impact of stagflation, to various inquiries about 1M65, Mr Loo’s CPF investment strategy

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