Issue 127 | Oct-Dec 2021

Leading with IT: Lessons from Singapore’s First CIO

by Professor Alex Siow

For organisations to stay relevant, leveraging technology is essential. Professor Alex Siow — currently Professor (Practice) in the School of Computing, NUS, and Director of the Advanced Computing for Executives — draws from his experience as Singapore’s first Chief Information Officer (CIO) at HDB in the 1990s, and shares advice on IT’s role in keeping pace with rapid business changes in the digital age. His book provides business leaders with insights for effective IT governance and highlights the core competencies required of CIOs. 

Written as a first-person account, the book also covers topics such as AI and the future of money and of work, giving expert analysis of each topic. A highlight is a guest chapter by Jim Lim Shien Min, healthcare sector lead at NCS Group, on lessons learned from managing the COVID-19 crisis in Singapore. Peppered with tips, case studies and expert recommendations, it is a suitableread for anyone interested in the intersection of technology and business.
$41.95 (before GST) in hardcover in bookstores and online. Publisher: Wiley 
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