Issue 126 | Jul-Sep 2021

A Blessing In Disguise

Ms Teresa Pang (Design and Environment ‘96), a practitioner in the field of Architecture and Urban Planning, recounts how COVID-19 gave her the opportunity to learn again.

“I am a self-directed and self-motivated learner. Over the last two decades, I have studied and explored widely, cutting across disciplines. To me, it is as important to be a specialist as it is to be a generalist.

I believe that the ultimate purpose of knowledge is not merely to become rich, but to use it to contribute to society, serve humanity and make the world a better place. This has shaped my learning attitude and appetite which is fuelled by passion, love and joy.

When COVID-19 brought me back to my alma mater through the SGUS Programme in 5D BIM for Built Environment Professionals, I welcomed the new learning opportunity with excitement. I looked forward to having my ideas, ideologies and world views challenged and pushed to new heights by my professors and instructors.

The professors in the university are like shepherds; they provide guidance and direction to continuously lead their students forward. In the last six months, under their guidance, I have lived, expanded and grown my love for learning. The exchanges I had with them were priceless. They have also become my role models to look up to and emulate as I go back to the industry. Education has re-entered my heart because of their guidance and support, and helped me grow wings, to enable my new dreams of flying.
COVID-19 has turned out to be an unexpected season of new growth and a pause to recalibrate — from within and without — for my next career and direction in life. I left the course with many relationships that I will treasure for a very long time. To me, COVID-19 has proven a blessing in disguise. 

Ms Teresa Pang (Design and Environment ‘96) Practitioner in the field of Architecture and Urban Planning

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