WoW: Ignite - Care in a Rapidly Ageing Society

The first ever White Paper on Singapore Women’s Development, unanimously endorsed by Parliament on 5 April 2022, outlined action plans in five key areas reflecting whole-of-society effort required to advance Singapore women’s development and advance our nation towards a fairer and more inclusive society. One of these areas is 'Recognition and Support of Caregivers’ which recognises that women shoulder the bulk of caregiving responsibilities. Pertinent to caregiving is our ageing society. By 2030, an estimated 1 in 4 Singaporeans will be aged 65 and above.

We can expect that as we ourselves age and need care, we will also undertake caregiving roles for family and friends. What can we do as individuals and as a society to reduce the personal and social challenges associated with ageing and improve the lives of older people?

In this WoW: Ignite series, we examine care within the context of our rapidly ageing society; the implications of an ageing demographic, measures to minimise negative impacts, and rethinking ageing as a positive transformation for individuals and society.