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China Film Festival 2022

Jointly organised by the Embassy of the People's Republic of China, Singapore China Friendship Association, and NUS Alumni Relations, China Film Festival returns for the 10th year, bringing you the best of Chinese films.

Due to overwhelming response, registration is closed.

Auditorium, Shaw Foundation Alumni House
14 Sep 2022 - 16 Sep 2022
7.30pm - 9.45pm
NUS Alumni Relations
Mr Ng Shan Jun
6516 4169

Event Details

14 September (Wed) | Hi, Mom 你好,李焕英 | 128mins | PG13

University student Jia Xiaoling is absolutely shattered after hearing that her mother had passed away in an accident. Xiaoling blames herself for not being a good daughter. In a state of emotional crisis, she finds herself magically transported back in time to 1981, where she meets a younger version of her mother, Li Huanying. The two quickly become inseparable, like best friends. Xiaoling is determined to improve her mother’s life by using insights from the future, but her plans repeatedly go awry. She soon finds herself making changes that could prove costly.


15 September (Thu) | Cliff Walkers 悬崖之上 | 125mins | NC16

Set in the puppet state of Manchukuo in the 1930s, the film follows four Communist party special agents who return to China after receiving training in the Soviet Union. Together, they embark on a secret mission code-named "Utrennya." After being sold out by a traitor, the team finds themselves surrounded by threats on all sides from the moment they parachute into the mission. Will the agents break the impasse and complete their mission? On the snowy grounds of Manchukuo, the team will be tested to their limit.

上世纪三十年代,四位曾在苏联接受特训的共产党特工组成任务小队,回国执行代号为“乌特拉”的秘密行动。由于叛徒的出卖,他们从跳伞降落的第一刻起, 就已置身于敌人布下的罗网之中。同志能否脱身,任务能否完成,雪一直下,立于 “悬崖之上” 的行动小组面临严峻考验。

16 September (Fri) | My Country, My Parents 我和我的父辈  | 157 mins | NC16

My Country, My Parents is a four-part Chinese anthology, highlighting works by some of the country’s most talented directors - Wu Jing, Zhang Ziyi, Xu Zheng, and Shen Teng. With settings ranging from the Second Sino-Japanese War in 1942 to the futuristic world of 2050, each director utilises a different genre to present their own unique ideas of “home” and “country” while simultaneously paying homage to the dedication and sacrifice of those who have come before.

《我和我的父辈》是由吴京、章子怡、徐峥、沈腾联合执导的剧情片。 该片由《乘风》《诗》《鸭先知》《少年行》四个单元组成,讲述了在革命、建设、改革开放和信息现代四个不同历史时期中,几代父辈和各时期的代表性群体们不忘初心、砥砺前行,传承民族精神的奋斗历程。

Screenings start at 7.30pm daily.
In Mandarin with English subtitles.

Terms & Conditions

  • Food, drinks and flowers are not allowed inside the Auditorium.
  • Flash photography and videography are not allowed.
  • All mobile devices must be on silent mode or switched off.
  • Tickets will be issued at the door on a first come, first served basis.
  • To ensure everyone's safety, please keep your masks on at all times.
  • A valid photo ID (student/staff pass not accepted) must be presented to gain entrance into all our non-G/PG rated films.
  • Photography and videography by the NUS Office of Alumni Relations (OAR) may be carried out throughout the event. OAR and its event partners (Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Singapore and Singapore China Friendship Association) may use some or all of these images in their print publications, digital platforms and marketing channels.

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