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Health & Wellness: Managing Wellbeing - The NUS Experience and You

Health and Wellness is a series of talks by medical specialists to help alumni better understand common medical conditions. Unravel medical jargon and debunk myths behind seemingly complicated diseases at these talks.

22 Jul 2021
7.30pm - 9.00pm
NUS Alumni Relations
Ms Tan Li Hui
6601 7659

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According to the Singapore Mental Health Study (2016 – 2018), 1 in 7 people in Singapore have experienced a mental disorder in their lifetime. With increased anxiety and uncertainty about the future of work and livelihood brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is not surprising that more people are seeking help for mental health issues. How should we navigate our way through such challenges?

Join Dr Andrew Tay (Medicine ’07) and Dr Kinjal Doshi from the NUS Health and Wellbeing Team in the Office of the President, who will share:

  • Insights and learning experience from the #AreuOK campaign – Do campaigns work?
  • Roles of employers and managers in employees’ health and wellbeing – It takes a village, but how?
  • The next big bet (digital mental health bets) – So many apps, what’s next?
  • What are the common trends and what works to maintain your mental health at different life stages?

Dr Andrew Tay (Medicine ’07)
Dr Andrew Tay is currently the Director & Head of the Health & Wellbeing Team (HWB), which is led by the Office of the President to drive the University’s health and wellbeing strategy. Dr Tay possesses a wealth of experience working in the tech and pharma industries in the Employee Benefits and Wellbeing space. He served as the Regional Benefits Consultant for Facebook where he oversaw physical and mental health benefit design in Asia Pacific; and was the Director for Health & Wellbeing in GSK who led the company’s occupational health services and strategies to enhance health and wellbeing of employees in Singapore and APAC.

Dr Tay graduated from the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine in 2007. He also holds a Master of Public Health (Occupational and Environmental Health Specialisation) from NUS and a Graduate Certificate in Human Resource from SMU. He received his post-graduate public health and occupational medicine training at the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Policy, Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Health and the restructured hospitals.

Dr Kinjal Doshi
Dr Kinjal Doshi is the Lead Psychologist for Health & Wellbeing under the Office of the President in NUS.

Her passion for mental health and wellbeing led her to complete a doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Upon her return to Singapore, she provided 8 years of research and education in addition to clinical and health psychology services at SingHealth. Her work in SingHealth eventually expanded to include developing and providing wellbeing services to healthcare professionals and staff. With a keen interest in the development of her profession, she also provides clinical supervision to postgraduate (Masters, Doctorate) and medical students from NUS.

When she is not working, Kinjal enjoys spending her time playing video games and enjoying long walks in her neighborhood park.

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