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Thank you for joining us for Kent Ridge Alumni Family Day [Online]!

Engineering in the New Normal and Engineering Innovations, organised by Faculty of Engineering

00:03:48   Dean's Opening & Welcome Speech
00:11:25   Engineering’s Role in COVID-19 Research by Prof Dean Ho
00:32:26   Vital Sign Monitoring in Worker Dormitories by Asst Prof John Ho
00:45:41   Market Boy – Wet Market Home Delivery by Mr Kenny Chen (Engineering '20)
00:53:40   Keeping Students Safe in Student Housing by A.Prof Prahlad Vadakkepat
01:12:08   The Opportunity for a Low-Carbon Economy by Er Tan Seng Chuan (Engineering '83)
01:27:45   Smart Technologies and Solutions for a Sustainable Future in the Built Environment by Prof Rajasekhar Balasubramanian
01:46:51   The Creative and Challenging World of RoboMaster! by the NUS Robomaster Team

Everyday Science, organised by Faculty of Science


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