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Graduate Students - Module Registration Workflow

Module Enrolment Data Workflow

Detailed Information

A: Processing of Module Classes from ModReg to ModReg Staging
Module Classes selected / requested at ModReg are processed via Module Allocation processes, run after completion of each “Select Modules”, “Submit Module Requests” and “Select Tutorials/Labs” round. Successfully allocated/dropped module classes (module enrolment data) are stored at ModReg Staging to upload to EduRec. Students can verify module enrolment data at ModReg’s “View My Classes” page when allocation outcomes become available. (Navigation: myEduRec > Academics > Module Registration > View My Classes)
Remarks: During “Add/Swap Tutorials/Labs” Round, requests are processed on hourly basis (except from 9am to 11am).

B: Uploading Data from ModReg Staging to EduRec (during ModReg Exercise)
During ModReg exercise (i.e. from Select Modules (Round 1) to Select Tutorials/Labs Rounds), module enrolment data are uploaded to EduRec after completion of module allocation process runs. Subsequently, they will reflect at EduRec’s “View Modules” page. (Navigation: myEduRec > Academics > Academic Records)
Remarks: Successfully processed Add/Swap Tutorials/Labs requests are uploaded to EduRec after the end of “Add/Swap Tutorials/Labs” Round.

C: Uploading Data from ModReg Staging to EduRec (after ModReg Exercise to end of ‘W’ grade period)
After ModReg exercise till end of ‘W’ grade period, module classes added/dropped by admins/students are uploaded to EduRec via schedule process, runs at 8.30am, 11.30am, 2.30pm and 5.30pm on daily basis.

D: Syncing Data from EduRec to LumiNUS
Module enrolment data from EduRec are synced to LumiNUS by schedule process, runs at 10.30pm on daily basis. Alternatively, students may trigger manual sync of module enrolment data from EduRec by following the instructions from the link below:

Priority Score and Tie-Breakers

What is the purpose of the Priority Score?

Where demand for a selected module exceeds the available places, the Priority Scores of students seeking to read a particular module will be used to determine module allocation.

How is the Priority Score for a module computed?

The Priority Score for a module selected by a student is computed based on the Priority Scoring Rubrics applicable to the different student categories:

Programme Requirements Category (in descending order of points) - An
Programme core modules
Specialisation modules
Programme electives (from own department)
Programme electives (from other departments)
CELC modules
Students’ Seniority (in descending order of points) - Bn
Part-time/Full-time Senior
Part-time/Full-time Junior
Type of Programmes (in descending order of points) - Cn
Rank Preference of Modules (in descending order of points) - Dn
Rank 1
Rank 2
Rank 3
Rank 4
Rank 5
Rank 6
Rank 7
Rank 8
Priority Score of module(s) = An x Bn x Cn x Dn

What happens when students have the same Priority Score for a module?

When students have the same Priority Score for a module and the demand exceeds the places available, tie-breakers are used to determine the final module allocation. The tie-breakers to be considered for graduate students are as follows:

Tie-breakers (in descending order of consideration)
Student's home faculty is module host faculty
Module feedback points
Random balloting

ModReg@EduRec Functions & Rounds

The enrolment functions in ModReg@EduRec, as well as information on how the different Registration Rounds will be conducted for each of the functions, are provided below.

Students are also strongly encouraged to refer to the ModReg User Guide for Students, which provides screenshots on how to navigate within ModReg.

Module Registration
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Module Selection
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Module Request
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Add / Swap Tutorial
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