Pre-Admission Medical Exam

All admitted students (excluding non-graduating students and continuing & professional education students) are required to undergo a pre-admission medical examination prior to enrolment. The university reserves the right to refuse your admission should you decide to decline this process.

If you are a student entering the field of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy or Dentistry, kindly note that there are additional screenings and immunisation requirements. Please refer to your respective Faculty or School for further information and datelines for such screenings.

You are also requested to bring your medical examination form (with Part I completed) on the day of your appointment. Please select the form based on the status of your university acceptance.

Medical examinations may be conducted by the University Health Centre or by a private registered health physician. Please note the following processes when selecting either option.

University Health Centre

Making an Appointment

UHC will resume medical examination services once the Circuit Breaker period is over. We will inform you of the new dateline for the completion of the medical examination. Please check our webpage for regular updates regarding scheduling of appointments.

Medical examinations for Dentistry students (undergraduate and graduate) are carried out by the Occupational Health Clinic located at the Basement, University Health Centre. If you are an incoming Dentistry student, please call +65 6601 1781 / +65 6516 7333 to schedule an appointment.

Please accept the offer online before you proceed to schedule your appointment.
For more information, please refer to the following FAQ 

Private Physician

If you have chosen to undergo your pre-admission medical examination with a private physician, do note that submitted forms should include the following:

  • Part I of the Medical Examination Form would have to be completed by you, the student.
  • Part II of the Medical Examination Form would have to be completed by a registered health physician.
  • Any completed medical reports must have a validity date of 6 months or less.
  • Completed Medical Examination Form must be submitted to UHC.
  • All reports must be submitted in the English language. No other languages will be accepted for consideration.

While most submitted reports generally fall within the accepted guidelines, you may be required by the university and UHC to undergo further medical examinations or tests if your earlier medical results are incomplete or unsatisfactory. For your convenience, we encourage incoming students to proceed with your medical examination at UHC.

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