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Every year, on 31 May, the World Health Organisation and its partners mark World No Tobacco Day. The day highlights the health risks which tobacco and smoking have on individuals.

Your health is your best asset and saying no to smoking today can protect your life from the harmful effects of tobacco-related illnesses. The quality of your life will improve the moment you quit smoking. So set your goal today and quit the chain early in life!

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Protect your loved ones from being passive smokers today!

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What’s On!

Smoking Cessation Talk for staff (by Jurong Health) 30 May, Tuesday 1.00pm – 2.00pm

The National Health Survey 2010 indicated an alarming increase in the percentage of Singaporeans smoking cigarettes. 14.3% of adults are now smokers compared with 12.6% in 2004. Even more concerning is the prevalence of smoking amongst young Singaporeans aged 18 to 29 in the recent years. These statistics suggest that deaths caused by tobacco smoke in Singapore and the economic and social costs of smoking may increase in the coming years.

The speaker will share with the audience how these statistics relate to them, why smoking is an international concern and the various negative impacts smoking can bring to a smoker’s life, their loved ones and the environment. After this talk, audience will also understand the:

  • importance of quitting
  • benefits of quitting
  • ways to quit

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