Office of the Vice President (Campus Infrastructure)

Ventus (University Campus Infrastructure)
8 Kent Ridge Drive #03-03
Singapore 119246

In Focus
Precinct Master Plan 1
Formation of Academic Medical Centre (AMC)
Space Management System
A single, comprehensive, integrated solution.
NUS Link Bridge
A symbol of integration between KR Campus and University Town

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Welcome to UCI

Office of the Vice President (Campus Infrastructure) is responsible for effective management, utilization, planning and analysis of space; maintenance and distribution of space information; planning for capital projects and the development of the capital improvement program. It takes care of strategic energy management and provides centralized administrative and financial services to the smaller offices reporting to VP(CI).

UCI  oversees Office of Campus Amenities (OCA), Office of Campus Security (OCS), Office of Estate Development (OED), Office of Environmental Sustainability (OES), Office of Facilities Management (OFM), Office of Safety, Health & Environment (OSHE) and Office of Housing Services (OHS). UCI coordinates the activities, creates and integrates synergies across these offices with the aim of providing lean and green services to the campus community.

a. OCA actively engages stakeholders to ensure that dining, mobility and lifestyle needs are adequately provisioned to provide for a lively campus for the community.
b. OCS is responsible for providing a safe and secured campus including protection of University’s property. OCS also provides the frontline response and support during crisis situation. OCS also advises on security planning and conducts security audits to assist stakeholders to improve security level in their premises.
c. OED manages the design and development of new buildings and existing facilities to create a vibrant and comfortable working and living campus supporting the University’s evolving research and teaching needs, while providing for a rich student experience.
d. OES is responsible for campus sustainability’s performance.
e. OFM often works behind the scenes to provide a well-maintained, smoothly running campus for the community to enjoy.
f. OSHE is responsible for creating a safe and healthy work and study environment for the campus community through the promotion of safe work practices and maintenance of high safety standard on campus. It is also responsible for emergency preparedness and crisis management.
g. OHS is responsible for the management of faculty housing facilities and will be extending their service progressively to the students’ residences