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University Research Recognition Award

To continue the quest to develop powerful algorithms for solving important classes of large-scale optimisation problems in various domains, especially operations research, machine learning, statistics, and data science. Provost's Chair Prof TOH Kim Chuan
PhD (Cornell University)
MSc, BSc (NUS)
Departments of Mathematics, and Analytics and Operations
Institute of Operations Research and Analytics, NUS
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  • Development of numerical algorithms and software for convex conic programming, especially for semidefinite programming and its applications
  • Development of numerical algorithms and software for optimisation problems in operations research, machine learning, statistics, and data science
  • Preconditioned iterative methods for large linear systems of equations
  • Developed a highly efficient and robust general purpose software package for medium-scale semidefinite programming
  • Developed highly powerful algorithms that significantly advanced the frontier for solving large-scale semidefinite programming problems with millions of constraints arising from applications such as combinatorial and polynomial optimisation
  • Developed highly advanced and efficient algorithms for optimisation problems in machine and statistics such as distance weighted discrimination, low-rank matrix completion, sensor network localisation, clustering, and classification
  • Published more than 90 articles and conference papers in leading journals and prestigious conferences
  • Area Editor (convex optimisation), Mathematical Programming Computation (since 2008); Associate Editor, SIAM J. Optimization (since 2007); Subject Editor, Optimization and Engineering (since 2014); and Associate Editor, Mathematical Programming (since 2018)
  • Secretary, SIAM Optimization Activity Group, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) (2014-2016)
  • Provost’s Chair Professorship, NUS (2016-2019)
  • Fellow, SIAM (2018)
  • Farkas Prize, Institute for Operations Research and the Management Services Optimization Society (2017)
  • Outstanding Researcher Award, NUS (2003)