University Awards
Recognising Excellence
  • Atmospheric science
  • Quantum chemistry
  • Spectroscopy
  • Statistical thermodynamics
  • A pioneer in technology-enhanced education, he successfully implemented the flipped classroom pedagogy for CM2101 Physical Chemistry 2, which features online lectures and quizzes; narrated screencast solutions to problem sets; individualised homework assignments; and reimagined classroom time that focuses on active learning
  • Introduced innovative teaching methods, including interactive Excel-based visualisations to illustrate concepts; interactive Flash-based animations; and peer grading system with qualitative feedback for term papers
  • Developed the Integrated Chemistry Laboratory Manual, a collaboration between Department of Chemistry and Centre for Instructional Technology, that prepares students for laboratory classes with a variety of multimedia including videos of laboratory techniques and interactive photographs of laboratory equipment; and contributed to the development of the Environmental Chemistry Minor Programme with the University of Toronto; and the MSc in Science Communication with Australian National University
  • Introduced the revamped Integrated Science Curriculum into the Special Programme in Science
  • Passionate, engaging and effective educator who has garnered highly positive feedback from students
  • Provided an abundance of alternative materials to enable students to better understand the module and achieve intended learning outcomes
  • Demonstrated clearly the capability of teaching a range of modules across various levels and to different groups of students
  • Generous with his time and knowledge, he shares his experience in flipped classroom and technology-enhanced education across NUS
  • Published four joint articles on the learning outcomes of the Special Programme in Science and a joint article on the implementation of an academic development course on blended learning at educational conferences
  • Published over 30 disciplinary articles in international journals, including Science and Physical Review
  • Contributed articles on teaching to university publications
  • Chaired or co-chaired chemistry and materials education workshops and symposia as part of international conferences
  • Co-chaired the 7th International Conference on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
  • Invited to give talks and workshops on flipped classroom and teaching leadership in Malaysia, the Philippines and the UK
  • Given disciplinary presentations at meetings, workshops and conferences worldwide
  • Annual Teaching Excellence Award, NUS (2014/15, 2013/14, 2012/13)
  • Faculty Teaching Excellence Award Honour Roll, NUS Science (2015/16)
  • Faculty Teaching Excellence Award, NUS Science (2014/15, 2013/14, 2012/13, 2007/08)
  • German Institute of Science and Technology — Singapore National Institute of Chemistry (SNIC) Award in Chemistry Education, SNIC (2012)
"To achieve a form of redundancy by inspiring students to become autonomous learners independent of me as their teacher. To view learning more as a process rather than a product so my students achieve the necessary metacognitive skills to become lifelong learners."