University Awards
Recognising Excellence
  • Molecular electronics
  • Nanofabrication
  • Quantum plasmonics
  • Self-assembly and synthesis
  • Combined molecular electronics and plasmonics to demonstrate molecular electronic control over a quantum plasmonic system, putting Singapore at the forefront of molecular electronics
  • Pioneered new methods for fabricating devices which incorporate a single layer of molecules, such as molecular diodes and molecular light sources, which help to complement existing technologies and provide alternative solutions in existing electronics
  • Demonstrated that minimising leakage currents in molecular electronic devices is essential in ensuring optimal device performance with low power consumption, which has an impact on device design
  • Found that molecular electronics is possible at extremely high frequencies, paving the way to a new branch within plasmonics that will benefit high-speed information processing and computing
  • Secured competitive peer-reviewed grants from the National Research Foundation and the Ministry of Education, with a total project value of over $9 million
  • Holds ownership of six patents, one of which is for the conceptualisation of multiple innovative solutions to replace conventional fabrication methods that destroy molecular layers
  • Undertakes creative and interdisciplinary research to solve challenging problems in the area of nanoscale electronics including molecular electronics, biomolecular electronics and opto-electronics
  • Consistently produces an extensive amount of high-quality research
  • Epitomises both local and international collaborations and is able to bring out the best in everyone resulting in his students winning multiple awards
  • Published close to 70 peer-reviewed papers in leading scientific journals such as Advanced Materials, Nano Letters, Nature Photonics, Nature Nanotechnology and Science
  • Obtained more than 2,000 citations in published and working papers
  • Serves as reviewer for more than 10 scientific journals including Advanced Functional Materials, Angewandte Chemie, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Nano Letters and Nature Nanotechnology
  • Gave over 70 invited presentations at meetings, workshops and conferences worldwide
  • Young Scientist Award, NUS Science (2014)
  • Young Chemist Award, NUS Department of Chemistry (2014)
  • National Research Foundation Fellowship, National Research Foundation, Singapore(2010)
  • VENI Fellowship, Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (2010)
  • Simon Stevin Research Award, Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (2006)
" To continue to improve our understanding of nano-scale charge transport and light-matter interactions, and to apply, and eventually commercialise, this knowledge in high-speed electronics. "