University Awards
Recognising Excellence
  • Recognised in the US and internationally for his visionary and transformational leadership across Duke Medicine's renowned academic, research and clinical care enterprises
  • Enjoys worldwide recognition as a trailblazer in translational research, health innovation and global health care strategy and delivery
  • Conducted seminal research that paved the way for the development of angiotensin-converting-enzyme and angiotensin inhibitors – cardiovascular drugs used globally today to treat high blood pressure, heart attack and congestive heart failure
  • Pioneered gene therapy for vascular disease and furthered the understanding of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine through important findings on stem cell paracrine mechanisms and the use of microRNA in direct reprogramming
  • Spearheaded several key initiatives aimed at creating a seamless continuum from discovery science to clinical care, such as the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore (Duke-NUS) as well as the Duke Global Health Institute, Duke Institute for Health Innovation, Duke Cancer Institute and the Duke Translational Medicine Institute
  • Provides strategic leadership at the highest level for Duke-NUS as a member of its Governing Board and for SingHealth as a member of its Board of Directors, bringing significant advancements, innovations and value to Singapore's healthcare sector
  • Played a pivotal role in the inception of Duke-NUS in 2005, making invaluable contributions in shaping it to become a respected institution it is today nurturing leaders in academic medicine, research, industry and clinical care delivery
  • Steered the creation of the academic medicine partnership between SingHealth and Duke-NUS, leading to close partnerships that help connect Duke-NUS' research efforts to clinical care delivery for the development of next-generation treatments and technologies
  • Highly sought-after expert by universities, corporations and governments worldwide to advise on academic health systems, national health policy, health care innovation and global health
  • Provides leadership on global health issues by serving as a member of the Board of Health Governors and chair of the Global Agenda Council on Personalised and Precision Medicine for the World Economic Forum
  • Led a partnership between Duke Medicine, the World Economic Forum and McKinsey to establish the non-profit organisation "International Partnership for Innovative Healthcare Delivery" and is chair of its Board of Overseers
  • Assumes presidency from 1 July 2014 of the US National Academies' Institute of Medicine (IOM), which offers independent, objective and evidence-based analyses and recommendations on health issues to government policymakers, health professionals and the public
  • Honorary Doctor of Science, Northeastern University (2014)
  • Honorary Doctor of Science, University of Glasgow (2011)
  • Doctor of Science, King's College London (2010)
  • Doctor of Science, McGill University (2008)
  • Ellis Island Medal of Honour, National Ethnic Coalition of Organisations (2005)
  • Max Delbruck Medal, Max Delbrück Centre for Molecular Medicine (2004)
  • Distinguished Scientist, American Heart Association (2004)
  • Kurt Polzer Prize in Biomedical Science, European Academy of Sciences and Arts (2003)
  • Novartis Award for Hypertension Research, Council for High Blood Pressure Research, American Heart Association (2003)
  • Honorary Professor of Biological Sciences, University of Warwick (2001)
  • Gustav Nylin Medal, Swedish Royal College of Medicine (2001)
  • Doctor Honoris Causa, National University of Cordoba (2001)
  • Doctor Honoris Causa, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1998)
  • Upjohn Chair in Medicine, University of Antwerp (1995)
"My highest priority initially will be understanding what US leaders in science, technology and clinical care believe are the most important issues to be addressed and aligning an agenda consistent with those needs. In addition, I'm very interested in continuing to grow the Institute of Medicine's relationships with global partners, and helping to define the optimal use and applications of the unprecedented proliferation of new technology tools that characterise this era of 'Big Data'."