University Awards
Recognising Excellence
  • Spin transport and spin transfer torque in nanoscale magnets
  • Charge, spin and heat transport properties of nanoscale graphene devices
  • Applications of graphene in the areas of data storage, data processing, flexible electronics, spintronics, displays, touch panels, batteries, supercapacitors and tissue engineering
  • Founded a world-leading graphene research group at NUS
  • Broke new ground with the creation of a graphene-based transparent, flexible electrode that delivers superior performance over the commercial indium tin oxide electrode, significantly impacting the development of a broad spectrum of devices, from solar cells to touch screens
  • First to establish the fundamental spin transport properties of large-scale graphene, proving the feasibility of large-scale graphene for spintronics applications
  • Pioneered the use of graphene as a biomaterial in tissue engineering and stem cell therapies, promising to advance many areas in biomedicine
  • First to produce in collaboration with scientists from Samsung and Sungkyunkwan University graphene on an industrially relevant scale and first to demonstrate its potential for touch panel applications
  • Achieved the breakthrough of being the first to demonstrate the feasibility of ultra-fast graphene-based non-volatile memory devices
  • Innovative, creative and interdisciplinary research effort with a strong focus on nanoscale device applications
  • Highly collaborative in nature and ability to organise large-scale multidisciplinary research
  • Strong technical acumen in manufacturing technologies for industrial-scale fabrication of 2D graphene films and 3D graphene foams
  • Contributed over 30 papers in top international journals with more than 5,000 citations received since 2008
  • Hirsch index of 22
  • Discoveries have led to over 12 patents filed
  • Highly sought-after expert by the world's industry giants, including Samsung, LG Display and Badische Anilin und Soda-Fabrik (BASF)
  • Delivered over 40 invited talks at leading conferences and workshops around the world
  • Member of international advisory panels and programme committees of key graphene meetings and graphene symposia, such as the American Materials Research Society Spring Meeting, the American Physical Society March Meeting and the Recent Progress in Graphene Research Conference series
  • Young Scientist Award, NUS Faculty of Science (2012)
  • NUS Young Investigator Award (2010)
  • Singapore Millennium Foundation-National University of Singapore (SMF-NUS) Research Horizons Award (2010)
  • National Research Foundation Research Fellowship, Singapore (2008)
"To employ our knowledge of the fundamental properties of graphene to build the next-generation, ultra-light, high-density and flexible energy storage devices to power everything from smart phones to electric cars."