University Awards
Recognising Excellence
  • Low band gap polycyclic aromatic compounds for solar cells, bioimaging, molecular magnetics and defence‐related applications
  • Functional pi‐conjugated polymers and discotic liquid crystals for printable electronic devices such as solar cells and field-effect transistors
  • Graphene‐based composites for energy storage devices such as ultracapacitors and lithium ion batteries
  • Supramolecular chemistry and responsive materials
  • Created elegant methods of generating a series of soluble and stable zigzag-edged nanographenes exhibiting near-infrared absorption or emission spectra that have practical applications in organic solar cells, bioimaging, non-linear optics and defence-related technology
  • Demonstrated that certain classes of nanographenes could show interesting radical character and unusual magnetic properties, opening up opportunities for the fabrication of open-shell nanographene-based organic spintronic devices
  • Succeeded in template-directed synthesis of some new challenging supramolecular architectures
  • Developed "top-down" synthesis of graphene-based materials that promise to impact significantly the design of energy storage devices such as supercapacitors and lithium batteries
  • Pursues a cross-disciplinary approach to conduct cutting-edge research across the fields of organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, supramolecular chemistry and materials science
  • Published about 95 papers, with most of them in first-class international journals and books, and more than 2,400 citations received
  • Current Hirsch Index of 27
  • Served as reviewer for various international journals
  • Delivered more than 20 lectures in international conferences, symposiums and workshops, such as the International Symposium on Functional pi-Systems, International Symposium on Novel Aromatic Systems and International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies
  • BASF–Singapore National Institute of Chemistry (SNIC) Award in Materials Chemistry (2012)
  • Young Scientist Award, Faculty of Science (2011)
  • Young Chemist Award, Department of Chemistry (2011)
  • Young Scientist Award, Singapore National Academy of Science (2010)
  • NUS Young Investigator Award (2007)
" There are many interesting fundamental problems in aromatic pi-systems. My dream is to develop new synthetic methods to turn all impossible missions possible and to exploit new aspects of their properties for practical applications."