University Awards
Recognising Excellence
  • Surface science of carbon at the atomic domains
  • Two-dimensional thin films (graphene, topological insulators and metal oxides)
  • Optical and plasmonic properties of graphene
  • Catalysis using graphene oxide and nanodiamond
  • Bioapplications of graphene and nanodiamond
  • Industrial scaling and applications of graphene composites
  • Pioneered a controllable pathway to generate geometrically well-defined graphene quantum dots and strained graphene nanostructure, boosting graphene’s promise as a next-generation semiconductor
  • Invented an ultra-slim broadband polariser that uses graphene to convert light into polarised light, a breakthrough that can broaden the bandwidth of prevailing optical fibre-based telecommunication systems
  • Developed a unique fluorescent dye that attaches in a parallel fashion to graphene oxide, leading to the formation of a complex with potential for new applications in biological sensing and optical safety
  • Pioneered the synthesis of arsenic sulphide nanocrystals from its bulk mineral that possess anti-cancer properties
  • Adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to problems, encompassing the principles and techniques of surface science, chemistry, physics and materials science
  • Contributed about 240 papers in leading international journals with over 3,600 citations received and a Hirsch Index of 33, signifying high scientific productivity and impact
  • Published four papers in two years in Nature series journals
  • Visiting Professor and Honorary Director, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, and funded by the World Class Professorship Programme
  • Serves on the editorial boards of leading international journals such as the Elsevier journal Diamond and Related Materials, Current Nanoscience and Advanced Functional Material
  • Regularly invited to deliver lectures, keynote talks and plenary lectures at international conferences
  • Research Horizons Award, Singapore Millennium Foundation (2010)
  • Dean’s Chair Professor, Faculty of Science (2010)
  • Outstanding Chemist Award, Department of Chemistry (2009)
  • Young Scientist Award, Faculty of Science (2009)
  • Young Researcher Award, NUS (2008)
  • Inaugural grant award, Competitive Research Programme, Singapore’s National Research Foundation (2007)
" Besides publishing high impact papers, I should consider how to translate the research into a compelling value proposition for the commercial world. "