Lim Lum Peng


My role as an educator is to help students develop their fullest potential in the respective domains of learning during their undergraduate and postgraduate training. My teaching philosophy is to optimize students’ learning opportunities for by recognizing individual’s learning styles, identify talents, strengths and weaknesses. Various approaches in teaching, learning and assessment are being adopted to cater to these needs and to make learning clinically relevant . Besides acquiring knowledge and skills, university education is also an experience which creates attitudes and expectations. Our task as educator is to make a ‘winner’ out of every student.


Currently Associate Professor, Department of Preventive Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry, NUS. Past experience – 27 years in academia, 18 years at the Faculty of Dentistry NUS; 9 years at the University of Hong Kong. The varied experience has provided an opportunity to be exposed to teaching in two reputed institutions of higher learning in the Asian community. Despite fairly similar cultural environment, differences exist in several aspects of the educational philosophy and expectations.

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