The academy members have embarked on projects that are of importance to the NUS community. Work has started on many fronts and we will be providing updates of our progress periodically in this space. If you have constructive ideas or comments related to our projects or on any matter related to Teaching and Learning, just drop us an email and we will be happy to explore it further with you.

Current Projects

Adult Learning

To reach out to working professionals to upgrade and develop their career track through the Adult Education

Teachers Who Inspire

The TWI project aims to showcase inspirational NUS teachers who have made a huge impact on their students’ lives through an interactive multimedia.

Teaching Mentorship

To discuss issues concerning teaching and learning in an open forum or in focus groups involving both faculty and students

Gaming for education

To bring the gamification experience to other faculties to help create an engaging learning environment.

Past Projects

Peer Review

To review and improve the current PR procedure


To identify assessment related issues and provide recommendations to PVO to encourage good assessment practices.
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