Our New Fellows Speak

The newly inducted Fellows of the Teaching Academy share their teaching aspirations and wishes for the Academy.


Kelvin Foong

Kelvin Foong Weng Chiong

How technology may enhance learning and inspire confidence – a personal experience with Google Maps

The prospect of learning a new subject could trigger different emotions in a class of students. Some are excited and eager, some may adopt a “wait and see” approach, and some may feel anxious and intimidated by the unknown. These emotions are normal…


Suzaina Kadir

Thoughts on Teaching and Learning

My fundamental teaching philosophy has not changed over the years. My focus is both very simple and very clear: my students and their deep and critical learning of the subject, enmeshed in an evolving global/ national context. I want my students to…


Yanika Kowitlawakul

My Teaching Philosophy

In my years as an educator, one of my core values is to understand my students’ backgrounds and cultures. Each semester and each class had its own unique culture and atmosphere. Even though I may teach the same subject in two different sessions…

Tan Wee Kek

Teaching Aspirations

Technology is increasingly being applied at universities all over the world to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of teaching and learning. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that the human teacher will, and must, continue to take centre stage…

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