Message from the Chair

Warm greetings, and welcome to the NUS Teaching Academy’s homepage! As Academy Fellows, we regularly reflect on and discuss educational innovations, values, and trends that have a bearing on academic policy, practices, and culture at the university. We particularly aim, as educators with wide-ranging personal teaching experiences, to engage every section of the NUS community, by providing an authentic voice in regard to teaching and learning as Master Mentors (under the NUSTA Master Mentorship Scheme, which we started in August 2018).

Moving forward, we will continually expand our mentoring capacity by (re)positioning current practices at the Academy. For instance, our pre-existing Teaching and Learning Club activities, Masterclasses, and Roadshows are all potential platforms to facilitate group mentorship. There are, in this regard, new practices as well. For instance, Fellows now meet monthly for peer mentoring, gaining new inspirations and energies which in turn fuel their roles as Master Mentors.

The goal is that our unique work at the Academy remains overtly aligned with our university’s educational mission and fully embraced by the NUS teaching community. Thank you for dropping by here. We are eager to connect with you. Please reach out to us anytime – we will be most glad in getting to know you personally.

My best regards,
Assoc Prof Stephen LIM Wee Hun, Ph.D.
Chair, NUS Teaching Academy

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