Induction for New Fellows


New Fellows are inducted each year to refresh the NUS Teaching Academy. The newly elected Fellows will be appointed for a period of 3 years (from 1 July to 30 June) each time. There will be no term limit for Fellows or for any office bearer, although it is good to allow the Academy the opportunities and room for refreshing itself.

Role of the Fellows

All Fellows should contribute towards promoting the Academy’s activities and initiatives, and good teaching practices in NUS. They should also serve as connectors for identifying and communicating teaching related issues between their department/faculty and the Academy. Barring conflicts in schedules, Fellows are expected to attend the monthly Academy meetings and contribute to the Academy by being actively involved in at least one of the following activities per year.

  • Sub-committee projects (e.g. ad hoc committees like review of the student feedback system; or permanent committees like the Teaching & Learning Club, Publications, etc.)

  • Research (in the area of education/pedagogy/teaching & learning)

  • Ambassadorial role (including helping to host visiting scholars to NUS, supporting external and internal outreach, consultation work relating to teaching, supporting CDTL by facilitating workshops etc.)

  • Others: such as contributing to Academy discussions and shaping the future direction of the Academy; contributing to discussions with regard to the future directions of NUS’ educational policy

The Call for Nominations is issued in December. More details can can be found by clicking on the following links: