Executive Council

Role of the Exco

The Exco is actively involved in defining the direction of the Academy for both the short and long term. The Exco should also undertake the day-to-day operations of the Academy, and be responsible for making decisions on behalf of all Fellows.

  • The Chair:
    The Chair is responsible for every aspect of the Academy. He/She should set the direction for the Academy during his/her term of office. The Chair should exercise judgement in running the Academy to the best of his/her ability, and should regularly consult with the Vice Chair and fellow Exco members.
  • The Vice Chair:
    The Vice Chair assists the Chair to fulfill his/her responsibilities as Chair and to act for the Chair in his/her absence. He/She assists the Chair in overseeing and tracking the progress made by each subcommittee undertaking specific projects.
  • Exco members:
    Members of the Exco must assist the Chair and Vice Chair to oversee specific details of the Academy, ensuring that the Academy fulfills its mission and plans. Exco members’ area of responsibility may be defined along project line. For example, we could have one/two Exco member(s) helping to track the progress of specific subcommittee projects, acting as a link between the Exco and the specific Subcommittee.

Election process of the Exco

Once both the election of new fellows and re-election of existing fellows whose term is expiring have been completed, fellows will be asked to nominate up to 3 Fellows (including self) they would like to see serving in the next Exco. All nominees will be asked if they are willing to stand for election before a confirmed election slate is drawn up. The Exco will accommodate 5 members (in addition to the 2-3 ex officio members). If more than 5 fellows wish to serve in the Exco, an Exco election will be conducted.