Message from the Academy Chair

Teaching – The Heart of a University

Message from the Provost

Higher education is fluid and dynamic, both internationally and also locally here in Singapore.

Our New Fellows Speak

The newly inducted Fellows of the Teaching Academy share their teaching aspirations and wishes for the Academy.

Learning in the Digital Age

A Remixing and Reflection on the Distinguished Workshop by Associate Professor Steve Wheeler

Promising “discovery of…new and emerging pedagogies, practices and theories around learning…

Distinguished Lecture and Workshop

Take home lessons – Fellows share their thoughts

Dr. Steve Wheeler’s talk while peppered with lighthearted observations about all things related to teaching, and anecdotes…

Teaching & Learning Club Session - A Review

Our Adjunct Faculty: Integral and Indispensable!

The Teaching and Learning Club discussion “Or Adjunct Faculty: Integral and Indispensable!” was mooted and chaired by Academy Fellows…

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