About Us

Members of the Teaching Academy will spearhead effort in promoting excellence in teaching and learning at NUS. They will play a lead role in educational initiatives such as teaching and learning master classes and mentorship schemes.


  • Pursuing teaching and learning innovation.
  • Fostering a balanced culture of educational and research excellence.


To actively engage every section of the NUS community in transforming the educational landscape of the university.

Aims and Purposes

The aims of the Teaching Academy are:

  • To foster a culture of teaching excellence, and underscore the commitment that a great university values and is defined by its quality of education.
  • To provide a platform to engage our outstanding teachers, enabling them to share their expertise and develop new pedagogies.
  • To confer recognition and give visibility to members of the NUS teaching community who have maintained a high level of teaching excellence and contributed to enhancing the quality of NUS education.
  • To enhance quality assurance and serve as a benchmark for excellence in teaching.

Functions and Activities

Members of the Academy will:

  • Serve as members of university-level committees (e.g. UCEP, UTEC) and/or taskforces working on new education initiatives, and provide input to key university review committees;
  • Help in reviewing existing processes (e.g. student feedback and peer review system);
  • Act as advisors to university management on education matters;
  • Function as ambassadors and connectors between university/CDTL and faculty colleagues, and between university and other external partners; and
  • Engage actively in education research.


The Academy is established as a unit under the Office of the Provost. It is made up of members called ‘Fellows’ and headed by an Executive Council. The Executive Council, with input from Academy members, serves to set the direction for the Academy, and make decisions about policy issues relating to the Academy.

The NUS Teaching Academy was established on 24 April 2009 at the University Awards 2009. New Fellows are inducted each year to the NUS Teaching Academy. Fellows will be appointed for a period of 3 years.