HBR Forms

Important Notice: From 1 July 2020, all new applications to NUS-IRB must be submitted through the iRIMS-IRB.

List of HBR Forms for Download 

1) Please read Submission Instructions and Guidelines for help with submission of applications.

2) These forms are subject to changes as the Human Biomedical Research Act is implemented in phases.

3) The forms are in Microsoft Word format.

4) Please note that all forms and guidelines are only accessible via NUS network for NUS staff and students. If you are off-campus, please connect to VPN first before accessing the the files. VPN link: https://webvpn.nus.edu.sg/dana-na/auth/url_52/welcome.cgi  

For New Applications

Full / Expedited Review / Exemption Review / e-Declarations (Commercial Cell Lines and Human Biological Materials Only)
Determination of HBR
HBR Self-Checklist for PI
For Approved Protocols




Protocol Amendment Form
Study Status Report (for Windows user)
Study Status Report (for Mac users)  Download
Serious Adverse Event (SAE) Form - Revised
Guidelines on SAE Form - Revised Download
Protocol Non-Compliance / Deviation Form - New  Download
Guidelines on Protocol Non-Compliance/ Deviation Form - New  Download
Report of Expected/ Unexpected Events Form - New  Download
Guidelines on Report of Expected/ Unexpected Events Form - New Download
MOH Contravention Form - Revised Download
MOH Unexpected Serious Adverse Event Form - New Download

Human Sample Types Template

Human Sample Types Template (for non-commercial cell lines)


HOD Assessment Form



Please email all forms / reports to irb@nus.edu.sg.

: Guidelines and Forms are accessible to NUS researchers only. 
For non-NUS researchers, please contact