FAQs on Registration of New Undergraduate Students


1. How do I register as a student after I have accepted the offer of admission?

Information on registration matters is available at the registration website. In addition, the Registrar's Office will be sending you the necessary information as follows:

Students admitted in Semester 1 - second week of July
Students admitted in Semester 2 – third week of December
RNS men admitted in Special Terms – first / second week of March

Please email to UGregistration@nus.edu.sg if you do not receive the letter.

2. I have sent my OAM Form P to the Registrar's Office. Can I check if your office has received it?

You can use your Admission Application Number and PIN to login to the following portal to check if NUS has received your Form P around 21 working days after you have posted:

Online Tracking System for Admission-Related Forms

3. I have forgotten my Admission Application Number and PIN. What should I do?

You need your Admission Application Number and PIN to login to the Online Tracking System for Admission-Related Forms to check the status of your Form P submission. If you have forgotten the Admission Application Number and/or admission PIN, please click here to retrieve it.

4. I understand that the ID and password that I should use to login to the pre-registration system will be emailed to me. However, I have not received the email notifications / have accidentally deleted the email notifications. What should I do?

Please contact the Registration Team at UGregistration@nus.edu.sg with the same email account that you used for your application to NUS. We will resend you the email notification(s) accordingly.

5. I have registered my candidature via the Pre-Registration System but I have forgotten my student number and/or student PIN. What should I do?

If you have forgotten the student number and/or student PIN, you may login to the pre-registration system to retrieve the information again.

(Navigation: Self-Service -> Student Admission -> Pre-registration -> Information for Students)

6. If there are further amendments to my personal particulars after I have completed the registration of my candidature via the pre-registration system, what can I do??

Please inform the staff on duty about the amendments when you report at the registration centre.

7. Can I register at a later date if I cannot make it on the day and time allocated to me?

All new students are expected to report for registration according to the planned schedule. If, for some good reasons, you are unable to report for registration as per the planned schedule, you are required to apply for late registration. Please complete and submit the “Application for Late Registration Form” to the Registrar's Office by email (UGregistration@nus.edu.sg) or by post by the deadline as stipulated in the Freshmen Guide or in the registration letter. If your application is approved, you will be informed of an alternative registration date. Please note that involvement in hall orientation activities does not exempt one from adhering to the planned registration schedule.

8. When do international students apply for the Student Pass?

Please refer to the details on the registration website - Information for International Students.

9. I would like to withdraw from the University. What should I do?

If you have not completed your registration, please write to the Office of Admissions, stating the reason(s) for your withdrawal.

If you have registered, please download and complete the ‘Withdrawal from the University: Application Form'.

10. My question is not addressed here. Who can I contact to seek more information?

You can contact the Registration Team by telephone at 6516 2301 or by email at UGregistration@nus.edu.sg.