Registration Guide for Undergraduates

Registration Guide for Undergraduate Students

Please click here for an overview of important registration activities and timelines.

Full-time undergraduate students are required to submit their photograph within two working days upon acceptance of NUS' offer of admission via the Online Photo Submission System. Specifications of the photograph required is available on the Online Photo Submission System website.

Students are also required to access the system again two working days after submission to check whether the photograph has been approved for use. Re-submission of a new photograph (that meets the specifications) is required if the previous submission is not accepted.

As an admission condition, all incoming students are required to undergo a medical examination. The University reserves the right to refuse admission to or exclude a student from any particular course of study if they decline to undergo such health examinations or refuse any prescribed tests.

The medical examination may be done (i) by students’ own physician in Singapore; (ii) in students’ home country or (iii) at the University Health Centre, UHC. If students choose to do (i) or (ii), they will need to submit the completed prescribed medical report form and the original laboratory and chest x-ray reports, written in ENGLISH. If students have done a similar health check not more than six months prior, they must still complete and submit Part 1 of the prescribed medical report form, together with documentary proof of the earlier medical examination, to UHC by the stipulated deadline.

Medical report forms may be downloaded from, and appointments can be made at UHC’s website. For enquiries, please write to

Insurance Coverage for Students

All full-time students are required to subscribe to an insurance scheme provided by the University. For more information, please refer to UHC’s website.

Additional Screening for Students Admitted to Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Public Health and Pharmacy

If you are an undergraduate student entering the field of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy or Dentistry, kindly note that there are additional screenings and immunisation requirements. Please refer to your respective Faculty or School for further information and deadlines for such screenings.

Medical examinations for Dentistry students (undergraduate and graduate) are carried out by the Occupational Health Clinic. If you are an incoming Dentistry student, please call +65 6601 1781/6516 7333 to schedule an appointment.

In Registration (Part One), students have to update their personal particulars, agree to abide by the policies which form their Acceptance Record; and complete the specified Authorisation Requirements.

Registration (Part One) has to be completed online via the Registration System using the application number and password. (Navigation Path: Self-Service > Student Admission > Registration (Part One))

Important: Students under 18 years of age at point of completion of Registration (Part One) must print the following forms from the “Authorisation Requirements” section, and bring the forms, signed by the parent/guardian, to the Registration Centre for submission:

  • Release of Liability – compulsory for all students
  • Authorisation of Medical Procedures – compulsory for international students only
  • Nomination of Local (Singapore-based) Representative – compulsory for international students only

Upon completion of Registration (Part One), students will be issued their Student ID, PIN, NUSNET ID and NUSNET password. These are personal and confidential information which should not be shared with anyone else. The NUSNET account and NUS email will be activated two days after completion of Registration (Part One).

Please note that access to IVLE and CORS will be activated one day after completion of Registration (Part One). However, students are required to change their default NUSNET password via the NUS Password Portal before they can access any NUS online services and systems which includes NUS Email, NUS Student Information System, IVLE and CORS.

Students are also required to access their NUS Email account as it serves as the official point of contact. Most communications from the University to students will be via the official email account. As such, students are expected to check this account regularly. Students are also expected to be aware of the latest notices/circulars that may be posted on myPortal@NUS.

Students who do not possess the necessary English Language qualifications will have to sit for the Qualifying English Test (QET) set by the Centre for English Language Communication (CELC). Please click on the links below for the following information:

Students should sit for the QET in their first year of study and to complete the English modules (if needed) early so that there will be no delay in their graduation. With effect from AY2014/15, the policy of assigning students who have not taken the QET by their third year of study to read two modules (ES1000 and ES1102) concurrently will no longer apply. Such students will have to bear the consequences of any delay to their graduation due to their late attempt of the QET.

In Registration (Part Two), students have to activate their Student Cards via the NUS Student Information System, after which, the student status will be 'Active' in NUS records.

Students would obtain their Student Cards either by delivery to their residence OR personal collection at the Registration Centre.

Delivery of NUS Student Card to Residence

The Student Card will be delivered by post to the student's residence if he/she meets all of the following requirements:

  1. Is a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident
  2. Is 18 years of age and above at point of completion of Registration (Part One)
  3. Has a valid Singapore mailing address in our records
  4. Has completed Registration (Part One)

Note: This does not apply to students who are admitted to SCALE’s Bachelor of Technology programme, Yale-NUS College (Yale-NUS) or Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music (YSTCM).

Upon receipt of the Student Card, students are to activate their card by logging in to the NUS Student Information System using their NUSNET ID and password. (Navigation Path: Self-Service > Student Center > Student Card Activation). Please note that access to any NUS facilities, hostels, libraries and book loans will take effect one day after activation of the NUS student card.

Students who do not meet the above requirements will be informed by email on the collection of their Student Card.

Registration Centre

Students who are required to report at the Registration Centre are to do so according to the schedule listed in the overview. They will collect their Student Cards there and complete Registration (Part Two) via the NUS Student Information System.

Documents to bring:

Documents for Verification and/or Submission Student Type
Admission offer letter All Students
Original NRIC For Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents
Original passport (particulars page) For International Students
Release of Liability For all students below 18 years of age at point of completion of Registration (Part One)
Authorisation of Medical Procedures For international students below 18 years of age at point of completion of Registration (Part One)
Appointment of Local (Singapore-based)

For international students, besides your NUS Student Card, you will also receive the following documents:

  • Original In-Principle Approval (IPA) Letter, with NUS stamp
  • Appointment Letter, with the date and time for application and collection of the Student’s Pass

Please note that incompletion of Registration (Part Two) by the stipulated deadline would result in termination of students’ candidature at NUS.

At the beginning of each semester, all students must enrol in the modules they will read during the semester.

Students select and bid for modules through the Centralised Online Registration System (CORS) with their NUSNET ID and password. Please check the latest information and the bidding schedule at:

Centralised Online Registration System (CORS) website

Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) – Students’ Passes

All international students will require a Student’s Pass issued by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) during their candidature in NUS. Students should be familiar with ICA’s requirements regarding Student’s Pass matters by checking ICA’s web-published information on Student's Passes for University students. It is important for students to take action promptly when they receive email notification to access the SOLAR system to verify their details, as not doing so will delay the application of the In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter and subsequent NUS registration procedures.

If the application is approved, ICA shall grant the student an IPA letter. If students are coming from a visa-required country, a copy of the IPA letter will be sent to them via email. Students can use this IPA letter as a single-entry visa to enter Singapore. If students are coming from a non-visa required country, the stamped IPA letter will be given to them after they have completed their registration procedures at NUS.

If students are not issued with an IPA letter, they would not be able to apply for a Student’s Pass and their admission offer will be withdrawn.

Medical Examination for Students’ Passes

The issuance of the Student’s Pass is subject to the outcome of the medical examination required by ICA, which includes a HIV test. Students who fail to fulfil the medical requirements will not be issued with a Student’s Pass.

The medical examination and HIV test and can be done in students’ home country or in Singapore. Students may also opt to complete this medical examination together with the Pre-Admission Medical Examination at the University Health Centre (UHC). If students choose to do this, they need to note that the results of the various laboratory tests will only be ready for collection after five working days.

The medical practitioner will have to complete the medical form for Student's Pass application, which is sent together with the Offer Letter of Admission. The medical report must be completed in English. For more information on the medical examination requirements for Student's Pass, please check ICA’s website.

ICA’s Offsite Enrolment Exercise for Issuance of Students’ Passes

ICA has arranged an offsite enrolment exercise for the issuance of Student's Passes. Students are required to report for offsite enrolment according to the schedule stipulated in their appointment letter from ICA.

It is the students’ responsibility to be prepared with the necessary information and duly completed forms in order to efficiently complete the formalities during your scheduled appointment time. Students are advised to read the IPA letter carefully and prepare the required documents/items for submission to ICA to convert their social visit pass to a Student’s Pass. Please arrange the documents/items in the following order, with item 1 on top:

Documents/Items for Submission Remarks
ICA Appointment Letter
Recent colour passport-sized photo Refer to ICA’s website for specific requirements on photo submission. Please do not fold, paste or staple the photo.
Disembarkation/Embarkation (D/E) Card The D/E card is granted upon entry into Singapore. Students who misplace the D/E card will need to prepare a self-written statement for submission to ICA officer.
In-Principle Approval (IPA) Letter containing NUS Stamped The IPA letter containing NUS stamped will be issued to students after they have completed Registration (Part Two).
Original and Photocopy of Passport Particulars Page
eForm 16 To be printed from ICA’s SOLAR system, duly completed and signed.
ICA Medical Report Form & Original copy of the Laboratory Report Refer to Medical Examination for Student's Pass for more information.
Payment Receipt of the following:
(i) $30 Processing Fee
(ii) $60 Issuance Fee
(iii) $30 Multiple-Entry Visa (for visa required nationals only)
All payments are to be made online through ICA SOLAR system, prior to the student’s appointment with ICA.
Two copies of the Terms and Condition of Student’s Pass To be printed from ICA’s Website and signed in the presence of ICA officer. In addition, students will need to provide the following information on the last page of the Terms and Conditions:
  1. Singapore Residential Address
    Students who do not have a Singapore Residential Address at the point of submission to ICA, please indicate the address of the interim NUS hostel or other interim accommodation under the Residential Address field.
    Students may email ICA at subsequently, if they wish to update any changes to their Singapore address.
  2. Contact Number
    Student are also required to indicate the Email address which they frequently check under the Contact Number field.

Students must make an e-appointment and report in person at ICA Office, 4th Storey, ICA Building to complete the Student’s Pass enrolment formalities if they are:

  • unable to enrol at ICA’s offsite enrolment exercise at NUS or;
  • leaving Singapore before you collect the Student’s Pass.

Please refer to the IPA letter for specific instructions on how to do so.

Undergraduate students who wish to read either Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Korean, Japanese, Malay, Tamil, Thai or Vietnamese offered by the Centre for Language Studies and who have previous knowledge of the language that they intend to study are required to take a test for advance placement and may be admitted into a module at a higher level. Please refer to the following webpage for more information on the placement tests:

Centre for Language studies

Tuition Grant

The Singapore Government provides subsidies for the cost of undergraduate degree programmes at NUS. This subsidy is known as the Tuition Grant. Information on the Tuition Grant is available here as well as at Ministry of Education (MOE)’s website. You may view MOE’s circulars on Tuition Grant by following:

If you have changed your citizenship recently and wish to update it, details can be found at the Askstudentservice portal.

Payment of Tuition Fees

In line with the government’s efforts to promote electronic payment, all students are requested to pay their fees through GIRO. The process to apply for payment by GIRO (Debit Bank Account) is as follows:

  • Access the NUS Student Information System (Navigation Path: Self-Service > Campus Finances > Maintain Bank Accounts > Debit Bank Account Details section > Add a new Debit Bank Account) and follow the instructions to complete the form.
  • Submit the completed form to the Student Service Centre by the stipulated deadline or within three weeks of submission of bank details online, whichever is earlier.

Fees are to be paid before a stipulated deadline, failing which a late fee would be imposed. Please refer to the Office of Financial Services website for information on payment deadlines as well as the mode of payment.

For queries, please write to the Office of Financial Services at

Financial Assistance

The Office of Financial Aid (OFA) within the Office of Admissions administers the various financial assistance schemes available to NUS undergraduates. Financial aid will be offered to eligible applicants who have been assessed to be needy. This will be in the form of a financial aid package which is designed based on the recognition that an education in the University is a partnership involving the student, his/her family and the University. The financial aid package that is offered may comprise a combination of loans, bursary and work-study assistance, depending on the extent of the student’s level of neediness which is assessed based on the declared family income and mitigating factors, if any. Please visit OFA’s website for more details.

Disbursement of Financial Aid Funds

Disbursement of financial aid funds is subject to students’ fulfilment of all the loan and/or bursary requirements. The financial aid funds will first be used to clear all outstanding tuition fees, MSF and hostel fees (if applicable) before any balance is credited to students’ bank account. Students must update their Credit Bank Account Details and Payment Address via the Student Information System for any balance to be credited to their bank account. More information on the Credit Bank Account Details and Payment Address can be found at the FAQ section of the Office of Financial Services website. For queries, please refer to Office of Admission’s website.

Updating Personal Particulars

Throughout their candidature, students are responsible for keeping their personal particulars (including citizenship, official/legal name*, identity card/passport details, permanent and correspondence contact details, and next-of-kin details) updated in the University's records in a timely manner. This means that students must notify the University within 5 working days of the effective date of change of the affected personal particulars. The University will not be accountable for delayed or lost mail due to incorrect or obsolete students' addresses and contacts. Students may check their particulars or amend their contact details via the University's Student Information System.

*Please note that the Official Name in the University's Student Information System will be printed on the degree scroll and academic transcript. If students have changed their name during their course of study but failed to inform the University in a timely manner and they have already been conferred your degree, then their name as presently reflected in our official records, will be inscribed on their degree scroll. No further requests for name changes will be entertained.

Forgot Password

Students who have forgotten their NUSNET password but have not changed it yet can access the Registration System to retrieve their password. Students who have forgotten their NUSNET password after changing it can seek help by sending an email to, stating their full name and Student ID, as well as attach a scanned image of their Student Card. Alternatively, they may reset it through a short message service (SMS). A step-by-step guide to use the SMS service is accessible at NUS Information Technology's website.

Contact Details

Registrar’s Office


Telephone: (65) 6601 2749
From 9.00 am – 12.30 pm and 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm
(6 June to 4 August 2017, Mondays to Fridays, except Public Holidays)
(65) 6516 2301
From 9.00 am – 12.30 pm and 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm
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