Fee Related Matters


For information on the tuition fees, payment methods and late payment penalties, please check the respective websites:

MOE Tuition Grant (for undergraduate students only)

The Ministry of Education provides a Tuition Grant for eligible full-time undergraduate degree students to help them manage the costs of full-time tertiary education in Singapore. Information on the Tuition Grant is available here, as well as at Ministry of Education (MOE)’s website. Please refer to the Registration Guide for more details.

Scholarship Matters (for graduate research students only)

For graduate research students who are awarded scholarships with stipend, please note that the monthly stipend will begin from the commencement date of the semester or the date of the enrolment, whichever is later.

Where applicable, the stipend for the first and last month will be pro-rated as follows:

First/Last month stipend = Number of scholarship pro-rated working days*/Total number of working days* in that month x Stipend amount. (*Working days exclude Saturdays and Sundays but include public/University holidays.)

The pro-rated stipend for the first month is usually paid on the 18th or the last day of that month if the student registers within the stipulated enrolment period. Subsequent monthly stipends will be paid on the 18th of each month.

To avoid any delay in the disbursement of stipend, please update your credit bank account details via the Education Records System. Please note that the miscellaneous student fees which are payable at the beginning of every semester will be deducted from the stipend.