All students must be registered before commencing a course of study at the University. Registration refers to a formal process whereby a student enrols at the start of his/her period of study to become part of the NUS student community. The Registration consists of two stages. In Registration (Part One), all students make specific online declarations and complete acceptance records. In Registration (Part Two), students complete the registration procedures by activating their student card online or by reporting to the respective registration centres as indicated in the respective Registration Guides (or as informed by Faculties/Schools).

To be deemed a 'registered student', one must have completed both Registration (Part One) and (Part Two), enrolled for the appropriate classes, and paid the prescribed fees. A student ceases to be registered upon being conferred the degree for which he/she is a candidate, or on leaving the University, either through withdrawal on his/her own accord or termination of candidature by the University.

Registration Guides Important!