Academic Plan Application / Declaration

The Academic Plan determines the Major, 2nd Major, Minor, Specialization, Tracks that a student will graduate with. All students should verify that their Academic Plan is accurately reflected in their EduRec record every semester.

Enrolment into a restricted programme (e.g. restricted minors) could be subject to approval. In which case, students may be required to submit an application to the programme hosts during a stipulated period via the Academic Plan Application/Declaration function in EduRec.

Most Undergraduate programmes and a limited number of Graduate programmes require its students to declare their Academic Plan before Semester 1 and 2 Module Registration (ModReg) exercise.  The Academic Plan declaration exercise typically starts two weeks before ModReg exercise for Semester 1 and 2.

Students should approach the respective Faculty/School/Department/Center/Institute if they require more information on specific Academic Plans.

The user guide for the Academic Plan Application/Declaration function in EduRec can be located here.