Administrative Matters

  1. Pre-Admission Medical Examination
  2. Additional Screening for Students Admitted to Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing and Public Health
  3. Medical Examination for Student's Pass


Submission of Photograph for Student Card (for incoming undergraduate students only)

Online Submission

Students admitting to full-time NUS undergraduate programmes are required to submit their photograph via the online photo submission system.

Please accept your admission offer online before you login to the online photo submission system with your Application Number and PIN. The deadline for online photograph submission is the same deadline as the online acceptance of the NUS admission offer. Your photograph submission will be processed within 1 week. Please login to the system again after 3 working days to check whether your photograph has been approved. If the photograph is rejected, you are required to re-submit a new photograph before the deadline.

For the requirements of the photograph image to be submitted online, please click here.


Registration (Part One)

In Registration (Part One), all incoming students are required to update their personal particulars, agreed to abide by the various policies which form their Acceptance Record; and complete and sign on the specified Authorisation Requirements.

In addition, students who are are under 18 years of age at the time of completing Registration (Part One), must print the following forms from the “Authorisation Requirements” section, and have their parents/guardians sign on the forms and bring them to the Registration Centre for submission:

  • Release of Liability
  • Authorisation of Medical Procedures / Appointment of Local Representative (for International Students)

You need to access the Registration System to complete Registration (Part One) by the stipulated deadline as stated in the respective Registration Guides or as informed by your Faculties/Schools.

Should students require help with regards to the online registration, please contact the following:

Undergraduate Students            UG Registration

Graduate Students                    GD Registration 
(Coursework and Research)

Non-Graduating Students           NG Help

For students who require assistance on other aspects pertaining to admission, please contact the faculty directly. Applicants to the Bachelor of Technology programmes may email to BTech Admission. Applicants to the various Graduate programmes may refer to the webpage on the list of Graduate Programme Contacts.


Registration (Part Two)

  • Undergraduate and Graduate Research Students




    Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents who are 18 years old and above with Singapore mailing addresses at the point of completion of Registration (Part One) will complete Registration (Part Two) by activating their student cards at myISIS: upon receipt of their Student Cards which will be sent to them by post. To receive the student card on time, students must submit their photographs and complete Registration (Part One) by the deadlines stated in the Registration Guides for Undergraduate Students and Graduate Research Students respectively.




    Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents without Singapore mailing addresses, Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents below 18 years old at the point of completion of Registration (Part One) and International Students will have to report to the Registration Centre to complete Registration (Part Two). For the location of the Registration Centre and the registration schedule, please refer to the Registration Guide for Undergraduate Students and Graduate Research Students respectively.
  • Non-Graduating Students (Please refer to the offer letter for instructions.)


Submission of Reply on Offer of Admission Form (for graduate research students only)

Graduate research students who have accepted the offer of admission to NUS must submit the Reply on Offer of Admission form, with a recent photograph affixed, for printing of the Student Card by the deadline as stipulated in the offer letter.


You may submit the form in one of the following ways:

By mail to:

Registrar's Office 
National University of Singapore 
#UHL-04-01 University Hall
Lee Kong Chian Wing
21 Lower Kent Ridge Road
Singapore 119077

By personal drop-off at:

Student Service Centre
Yusof Ishak House, Level 1
31 Lower Kent Ridge Road
Singapore 119078

You may check whether the University has received this reply form through the Graduate Admission (GDA) system three weeks after you have sent out the form. If your form has been received and processed, your admission status in the GDA system will be updated as "Offer Accepted".


Medical Examination

a. Pre-Admission Medical Examination

Admission to NUS is subject to your good health and absence from organic diseases. All successful applicants (undergraduate and graduate students) are required to undergo a medical examination, which may be done by your own physician either in Singapore or in your home country or at the University Health Centre (Health Service), located at Level 1, 20 Lower Kent Ridge Road, NUS.

For your convenience, you are strongly encouraged to have your medical examination at UHC. Please check the UHC webpage for information on the medical examination and the examination schedule. You are required to bring the Pre-Admission Medical Report when you have your medical examination at UHC:

  • Undergraduate students – The Pre-Admission Medical Report is contained in the Freshmen Guide which is enclosed in the offer package from the Office of Admissions.
  • Graduate students - The personalized Pre-enroment Medical Report is enclosed in your admission offer letter.

If you choose to consult your own physician, please submit the completed medical examination report (inclusive of the chest X-ray report), to UHC on or before the day you report for registration. Unless you hear from us, you may assume that the University has received your medical report and that it is in order.

b. Additional Screening for Students Admitted to Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Public Health and Pharmacy

Undergraduate students – Compulsory screening for immunity to Hepatitis B, Chickenpox and Rubella for all undergraduate medical, dental and nursing students must be done in the year of enrolment regardless of previous screening and/or immunization. Please visit the Yong Loo School of Medicine's website on the detailed health requirements. Prospective and current Pharmacy students should visit the Department of Pharmacy's webpage. (which is also applicable to selected post-graduate students)

Graduate students – Screening for immunity to Hepatitis B for graduate students admitted to Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Public Health and Pharmacy is required if their studies require them to be in contact with patients or human blood, tissue, etc. Please check with your respective department/school on the detailed health requirements.

All candidates are encouraged to have their screenings and immunisations done at the University Health Centre (UHC) Level 1, 20 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore 119080. Please check the UHC webpage for more information regarding the pre-admission medical examination.

If you choose to be screened by a registered medical practitioner of your choice, you must submit to UHC satisfactory proof of such screening and immunization (where necessary).

c. Medical Examination for International Students for Student's Pass

All international students who plan to stay in Singapore for 6 months or more will need to undergo and pass a medical examination which must include a HIV test for the application of the Student's Pass.

The HIV test and medical examination can be done in your home country or in Singapore, including at UHC. The medical practitioner will have to complete 2 forms – (a) the Pre-Admission Medical Report Form and (b) the medical form for the Student's Pass application, which is sent to you with the Offer Letter of Admission. The medical report must be completed in English.

Please check the UHC webpage for information on the cost of the medical examination.

The original copy of both the radiologist report on the chest x-ray and the laboratory report on the HIV test must be attached to the completed medical report and submitted to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority within 3 months of issue.

Non-graduating students are not required to do the medical examination if they are in Singapore for less than 6 months.


Insurance Coverage for Students

All full-time undergraduate, graduate students and non-graduating students are required to subscribe to an insurance scheme provided by the University.


Declaration of Transfer Option (for current NUS undergraduate students transferring course)

Current NUS undergraduate students who have been studying for a semester or more and are successful in their application to transfer to another course of study must declare if they wish to start the new course on a clean slate or with a full credit transfer (i.e. to transfer all modules previously taken including credits, grades and CAP to the new course of study). Starting the new course of study on a clean slate would mean that there will be no waiver, credit transfer or exemption of modules. Those opting for a full credit transfer should note that the relevant Faculty shall then decide which modules may be used to satisfy the relevant graduation requirements. Generally, modules accepted for credit transfer/exemption/waiver must not have been used towards earning a degree at NUS or another institution and the minimum residency requirement is applicable to the new programme of study.

Students transferring to Dentistry, Law or Medicine will have to start on a clean slate as the transfer of modular credits and CAP is not applicable to these courses. Faculty of Engineering students who are transferring to another course of study within the Faculty will have to opt for full credit transfer.

If you do not exercise your option by the stipulated deadline, it will be deemed that you have withdrawn your application for a transfer of course and you will therefore remain in your original course of study. Please indicate your option at: