Undergraduate Student Exchange Programme

Student Exchange Programme (SEP)

The Student Exchange Programme (SEP) reflects NUS' commitment to global education, allowing NUS undergraduates to spend a semester or two at an overseas partner University, earning credits towards their NUS degree. The list of overseas partners includes top universities from over 40 countries around the world.

SEP is a chance for students to experience student life in a foreign country and learn to be a global citizen. It is a good opportunity for students to pick up a new language, absorb new cultures and make new friends. A stint overseas will also enhance career options. Financial assistance may be available for needy students.

Through the International Relations Office (IRO), more than 1000 exchange placements are arranged for NUS students each year.

Summer Winter Programmes

Summer/Winter Programmes occur during vacation periods and offer students the opportunity to live and travel abroad, all while earning credits towards their NUS degree. These programmes may be conducted by overseas partners or non-partners.

During their course of study, students may map up to a maximum of 10 MCs for each Summer Programme and up to a maximum of 5 MCs for each Winter Programme. Module mapping will be subject to approval from the respective Faculties/Schools.

Students who enroll in these Programmes may request for a waiver of NUS tuition fees for the credits they wish to transfer back to NUS. This waiver applies to up to 2 Summer/Winter Programmes and up to a total of 12 MCs transferred during their course of study in NUS. Beyond that, NUS Special Term tuition fees will apply, in addition to Summer/Winter Programme fees paid to the host university. For clarification, students may contact the SEP administrators/coordinators at their respective home Faculty/School Dean's Office or the academic department.