Concurrent Degree Programmes

Concurrent degree programmes (CDPs) involve a combination of a Bachelor's and a Master's degree from the same Faculty or from two different Faculties. Such programmes allow a student to pursue a Bachelor's and a Master's degree concurrently. The programme structure allows some of the requirements for the Bachelor's degree to be also counted towards the Master's degree so that a student could graduate in four and a half to five years with both degrees, instead of five and a half to six years if pursued separately.

The following is a list of available CDPs within NUS:

Please also refer to the section, Double/Concurrent/Joint Degree Programmes with Overseas Universities, for the available CDPs with partner universities.

For more information on CDPs, including admission process and criteria, please click on the FAQ .

For an overview of the various undergraduate courses offered in NUS, please visit Office of Admissions – Course Information.