Other Procedural Matters

Appointment/Change of Supervisor(s)

In general, there should not be more than three supervisors. To supervise PhD candidates, one should normally have doctoral qualification. Nonetheless, exceptions can be approved by the Faculty/School. The main supervisor is normally from the same Department with which the student is registered. Non-NUS staff may be appointed as co-supervisors. In a situation where the main supervisor of a Master's student can only be an adjunct staff, an NUS staff has to be appointed as a co-supervisor. For a PhD student in such a situation, the thesis committee of the student should include at least one NUS staff and the committee should preferably be chaired by an NUS staff.

Request for change of supervisor(s) must be submitted using the Appointment of New/Change of Supervisor(s) Form.

Change of Thesis Title/Research Topic

Request for a change in the thesis title/research topic must be submitted using the Application for Change of Thesis Title/Research Topic Form.