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The Statutes and Regulations below are in the Portable Document Format (PDF).  You would need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files. To install the Adobe Acrobat Reader (free software), please click here.

NUS Statutes and Regulations (full compilation)
Statute 1 Interpretation
Statute 2 The Senate and Senate Delegacy
Statute 3 Faculties, Special Constituent Schools and Academic Units
Statute 4 Research Institutes
Statute 5 Student Associations and Activities
Statute 6 Discipline with Respect to Students
Statute 7 Gifts to the University
Statute 8 National University of Singapore Endowment Fund
Regulation 1 Meeting Procedures for Senate and Senate Committees and Boards
Regulation 2 Other Senate Committees and Boards
Regulation 3 Notices
Regulation 4 Faculties and Academic Units
Regulation 5 Faculty Boards
Regulation 6 Research Institutes
Regulation 7 Degree and Diploma Requirements
Regulation 8 Honorary Degrees and Emeritus Professors
Regulation 9 Student Associations and Activities
Regulation 10 Discipline with Respect to Students
Regulation 11 Academic Periods and Holidays
Regulation 12 Gifts to the University
Regulation 13 Historical Gifts
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University Statutes and Regulations
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