Transcripts & Records

The Registrar prepares, maintains, and permanently retains a record of each student's academic work. Where relevant, physical files of pertinent documents for each student are maintained up to 5 years following the last date of attendance or last enclosure, whichever is later. The documents are then microfilmed for permanent retention and the physical copies destroyed.

The academic transcript is a student's complete and permanent academic record. It reflects all undergraduate and/or graduate work completed at NUS.

Current students may print their examination result slips and unofficial transcripts from myISIS Student Center. However, all official transcripts will be issued only by the Registrar.

Official Transcripts are prepared by the Registrar and have the University seal imprinted on it. They are typically accepted for any official transactions such as proof of a degree or applications for admissions to academic programmes or employment.

Unofficial Transcripts are printed by students themselves via the self-service online system. Unofficial transcripts are used primarily for the student's reference and are available only to current students. Unofficial Transcripts do not have the University seal and are not generally accepted for official transactions.

General Information & Policies

As the transcript contains personal and confidential information, it is issued only to the person named in it or sent to another institution upon the request of the same person. Transcript(s) requested to be sent to another institution will be mailed directly to the institution in a sealed envelope by the university..

Students who successfully complete their degree requirements will receive a complimentary copy of their academic transcript together with their degree scroll.

Graduates of Master of Medicine programmes will not be issued academic transcripts.

For Non-graduating Exchange students, two copies of your transcript (one of which is a complimentary copy for the student) will be sent directly to the office(s) in your home university which is responsible for student exchange programmes, approximately two months after the completion of the semester (unless otherwise arranged with the partner university). As such, please contact the office(s) of your home university which is responsible for student exchange programmes to obtain your copy of the complimentary transcript. For Non-Exchange students, a copy of your transcript will be sent directly to you at the mailing address as updated in our records, approximately two months after the completion of the semester.

For additional copies of transcripts or for sending transcripts to another institution(s), you are required to submit an online application. Prevailing fees will apply.

Applying for an Official Transcript

  1. If you wish to have the conferment date and degree title printed on the Official Transcript, please submit your transcript request after receiving your degree conferment letter (which is issued after your degree is officially conferred by the Chancellor upon your successful completion of all degree requirements).
  2. If you would like to apply for an Official Transcript which includes the examination results of the current semester, please note that it can be printed and released only from the 20th calendar day from the day of results release (i.e. when the University has finalized all appeals for review of examination results).
  3. Please also note that in preparation for the Commencement ceremonies, the transcript system will be frozen and official transcripts will not be issued to current students who will be conferred their degree/s on 30 June (i.e. graduating at the end of Semester 2) in the period 18 to 30 June. If you are in urgent need of a status letter regarding your graduation status during this period, please approach the SSC or BMO. Please note that the status letter only indicates the degree to be conferred, and not the modules and grades obtained.
  4. Please submit an online request via the Online Transcript Application system. The maximum number of transcripts for which you can request for is 10 sets per mode of delivery per application or per institution. However, you may apply as many times as you wish.

    When submitting your Online Transcript Application, you will be required to do the following:

    Step 1
    Select the transcript type for which you are applying. Alumni are required to indicate the month and year of degree conferment. Then, click on the "Proceed to Application" button.
    Step 2
    Complete the online transcript application form with the required details. Then, click on the "Proceed" button.
    Step 3
    Check and confirm the details submitted. You may change incorrect details by clicking on the "Edit" button at the bottom of the page. For successful application, please read the important notes located at the bottom of the webpage. Print a copy of the page for your records before clicking on the "Confirm" button.
    Step 4
    If you selected payment mode as:
    - "Others": you will receive an acknowledgement and payment form which you need to print out.
    - "E-Credit" or "E-Debit": you will be directed to the electronic payment webpage. Complete the necessary e-payment transaction and print out the e-payment receipt. If your e-payment is unsuccessful, you are to submit another transcript application.

  5. Transcript(s) will not be issued if you have outstanding fees with and/or other amounts owing to NUS.
  6. The transcript will be issued according to the name as registered with the University upon your conferment date. If you have changed your name, we will need your original supporting documents, that is your identity card or passport, for verification of your identity.
  7. Processing duration and fees (incl. prevailing GST) for transcript applications are as follows:
    Bachelor Degree (conferred prior to 1998) Bachelor Degree (conferred from 1999 to 2009) Bachelor Degree (current students and students admitted from AY2005/6) Graduate Diploma/Master/ PhD Degree (conferred prior to 2004) Graduate Diploma/Master/ PhD Degree (current students and students admitted from AY2004/5)

    Normal Request:
    Processing time/FeesNotes

    4 working days
    S$5.35 per copy

    7 working days
    S$5.35 per copy

    5 working days
    S$5.35 per copy

    4 working days
    S$5.35 per copy

    5 working days
    S$5.35 per copy

    4 working days
    S$5.35 per copy

    Urgent Request:
    Processing time/FeesNotes

    Not Applicable

    4 working days
    for first copy

    S$5.35 for each additional copy in the same request

    Not Applicable

    On-the-spot printing of Official Transcript is available at Office of Student Affairs (Yusof Ishak House) / Student Services at Bukit Timah Campus


    S$10.70 per copy.


    Not Applicable

    On-the-spot printing of Official Transcript is available at Office of Student Affairs (Yusof Ishak House) / Student Services at Bukit Timah Campus


    S$10.70 per copy.


    Processing time excludes delivery time by post.

    An additional 2 working days is required for the following busy periods:

         2 weeks before start of each examination and during examinations

         1 week before start of commencement, during commencement and 1 week after end of commencement

    Information on the examination and commencement periods is available at Academic Calendar > select the desired Academic Year under Quick Links at the bottom of the Academic Calendar page.

  8. Please note that once your application has been submitted, the payment made is non-refundable. This applies to orders payable via NETS, Cash or electronic means (e.g. credit card and internet banking).
  9. You will receive an autogenerated email to confirm receipt of your transcript application and to inform you on the various processing stages of your application i.e. whether it is being processed, mailed out or ready for collection. For current students, you may also check your application status online.
  10. Transcripts which are not collected 3 months from date of application will be destroyed, unless otherwise instructed. Hence, if you wish to obtain your transcript(s) which was/were not collected by the stipulated period, you will have to submit a fresh application and make payment again.

Modes of Delivery

In the online transcript application system, 2 modes of delivery for your transcript(s) are offered:

  1. By Collection (in person, or by proxy)
  2. By Post

You may choose either one or both modes.

1. By Collection (in person, or by proxy)

If you opted to collect your transcript(s) personally or by proxy, you may choose to do so from one of the following locations:

  1. Office of Student Affairs
    Address: Yusof Ishak House (Level 1), National University of Singapore, 31 Lower Kent Ridge Road.
    Website:; Tel: (65) 6516 1177
  2. Student Services at Bukit Timah Campus
    Address: 469 Bukit Timah Road, Block B, MPA-02-02, Singapore 259756
    Operating hours: Monday – Thursday (9am – 5.30pm); Friday (9am – 5pm)
    Email:; Tel: (65) 6516 8182

When collecting your transcript, you are required to bring along your NRIC/Passport and payment receipt (i.e. the printed copy of the e-payment receipt if you have made payment online).

If you are sending a proxy to collect your transcript, he/she must produce the Authorisation Form for Collection of Transcript duly completed and signed by you, your payment receipt, a copy of your NRIC (both sides) or Passport (the personal particulars page), and the proxy's NRIC/Passport.

2. By Post

If you opted for your transcript to be sent by post, we will need to receive the following before we are able to release your transcript:

  1. confirmation of payment made for transcript application. For non-electronic payment, please submit documentary proof to the relevant office. For more information on Modes of Payment, please click here.
  2. if your transcript(s) is to be mailed to a stated personal mailing address, in line with the NUS Student Privacy Policy, you are required to submit a copy of your NRIC (both sides) or Passport (the personal particulars page) to the office* that is processing your transcript(s) so that your identity may be verified.
    *please refer to the contact details in the email sent to you.
FedEx Express
(flat rate;<0.5kg; includes prevailing surcharges)
Registered Airmail
Cost Estimated Delivery Time (days) Cost
Number of Copies
(limited to 10 copies per mail)
Estimated Delivery Time (days)
1-3 4-6 7-8 9-10
Singapore $14.00** 1-2 $2.75* 2-3
Malaysia; Sabah &
$17.95 1-2 $2.75 $3.05 +
Brunei, $29.80 1-2 $3.60 $3.85 $4.35 $4.60
Hong Kong; Indonesia; Korea (South);
Philippines; Taiwan; Thailand
Macau; Vietnam $29.80 1-2 $4.25 $4.70 $5.40 5.75
Australia; China; New Zealand; $38.10
Japan $38.80
India $51.65
Sri Lanka; Bangladesh; #Ranges
$51.00 to
1-2 $4.35 $4.70 $5.40 $5.75
UK 2-3
Europe; USA
Middle East

*Mailing addresses within Singapore will be sent via registered post.
**Mailing addresses within Singapore will be sent via Speedpost.

+Singapore Post is our provider for postal services. Please read the important notes on delivery time to overseas destinations.
#Exact costs will be reflected in the Online Transcript Application System.


  1. Items may be subjected to customs inspection which results in additional time required for delivery.
  2. Transcript fees will be rounded up or down to the nearest 5 cents.

Modes of Payment

You may choose to pay by one of the following modes of payment:

  1. E-payment (via credit card & internet banking)
  2. Cheque

    The crossed cheque should be made out for the exact amount in Singapore dollars to "National University of Singapore"and drawn from a bank in Singapore.

    Alterations on a cheque and a cheque in foreign currency will not be accepted.

    On the back of the cheque, indicate your name, telephone number and the degree/programme title of the transcript(s) for which you are applying.

    Please mail your cheques to the following address:

    Registrar's Office (Transcript Section)
    National University of Singapore
    University Hall (Lee Kong Chian Wing)
    21 Lower Kent Ridge Road
    Singapore 119077

  3. NETS
    NETS payment is only available at SSC and BMO.

All payments must be made in Singapore currency.


If you have any enquiries regarding transcripts or would like to requests for a certification letter, please contact us at:

Fax: (65) 6778 6371

For degree verification requests, please click here.