Apply for Graduation

When an undergraduate student in a modular faculty expects to graduate at the end of a particular semester, he/she must ‘Apply for Graduation’ (AFG) during the period stipulated by their Faculties. If the student does not do so, and if he/she is not approved to continue with his/her undergraduate degree programme, the home faculty will complete the AFG process on his/her behalf.

Degree Conferment

Degrees are conferred by the Chancellor throughout the year. A student will be conferred when he/she has completed all necessary requirements pertaining to their respective degree(s).

Please refer to the table below for a breakdown on the different periods of degree conferment.

  Category Date(s) on which degrees are conferred
1 Graduate Research degrees and Master of Medicine degree At the end of every month, as and when students complete all necessary requirements
2 Graduate Coursework degrees and Undergraduate degrees (excluding MBBS and BDS degrees)

31 August (end of Special Term 2); or

31 January (end of Semester 1); or

30 June (end of Semester 2)

3 Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree (BDS)

31 January (supplementary pass only); or

30 June

4 Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery degree (MBBS)

31 January (supplementary pass only); or

30 April

Students will be informed in an official letter from the Registrar regarding their conferment date, sent electronically to the student’s NUS lifelong email account within 3 working days from the conferment date. No hardcopy of the degree conferment letter will be issued to graduates who were conferred from 31 May 2015 onwards.

The conferment date is also recorded in the official academic transcript.  Additional copies of transcripts may be requested for via the Online Transcript Application (OTA) portal. Please refer to the Transcripts & Records website for more information.

Please refer to the Degree Scrolls paragraph below for information pertaining to degree scrolls. Graduating students should refer to the Important Information for Graduating Students document for other important information.


Commencement is an annual University-wide event celebrated in early July. For about a fortnight, the University celebrates the graduation of each class. All students who have completed their studies and were conferred their degrees between 1 July of the preceding calendar year and 30 June of the current calendar year, both dates inclusive, are invited. Please refer to the Degree Conferment paragraph above for more information on conferment periods.

Further information, including the schedule of ceremonies, is made available from March each year via the Commencement website. All eligible students will be requested to register their attendance online via the website by 1 June of the current calendar year.

Degree scrolls

Your degree scroll(s) and complimentary official academic transcript(s) may be collected at stipulated periods of the year. Please refer to the Degree Scrolls and Academic Transcripts website for more information.

Degree Verification

Please utilize the Online Degree Verification Portal (ODVP) to verify claims to academic qualifications conferred by NUS. Please note that recent graduate information is only available after the 10th of each month. Please refer to the Degree Verification website for more information.