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In conjunction with the national Speak Good English Movement (SGEM) with its mission to encourage the use of Standard English, the National University of Singapore has formed a Committee for the Promotion of Standard English (PROSE), chaired by A/P Gary Tan, Associate Professor, School of Computing, NUS.

The goals of the PROSE Committee are

  • to develop and implement an action plan to promote strategies that would emphasise the use of internationally intelligible and acceptable English for academic discourse and for the workplace; and
  • to create an informed awareness among the members of the NUS community regarding the importance of this variety of internationally acceptable English for effective teaching and learning, and for the success of our students in their studies now and in their professional lives.

Targeted specifically at the NUS community of students, faculty and staff, PROSE seeks to raise the awareness of the importance of speaking and writing in Standard English (SE) when communicating in formal contexts. To facilitate its work, the Committee is divided into three sub-committees, namely, Programmes and Event Management (PEM), Publicity and Training.

The Committee comprises specially appointed representatives from all the NUS faculties and departments. The high level participation from across the University community indicates the importance of the PROSE Committee's mission as well as the role that all faculties and departments have in carrying out this mission.



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